Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Recker is Accepted to YALE

Recker is the 1st in our family 
to be accepted to an Ivy League 
College, wow and he's only 18 months 
old--I told you he was smart,
fun and happy---- Ok to be honest 
he was accepted to the  Yale Autism child 
study center. Kayla had a 2 hour interview over the
 phone with them last week about them wanting to do 
a research study on Recker. We have been praying 
for our little Recker,and even fasted for him Sunday. 
They will do an intense 2 day study, and will write 
up an average 50 page reccomendation and review for 
them. It will include what we should do, intervention 
and therapy wise, for him for the next couple years. 
Then between the ages of 3-4 we come back and do it 
again, then again from the ages of 8-9. It is so hard 
for a lot of peopleto get into this program/study and 
usually have to pay close to $5000 because insurances 
wont cover it. BUT because Recker is so young and we 
caught it so early, we will actually be compensated 
from YALE (not $5000, not even close...but its better 
than having to PAY THEM) each time we go. Anyways we will 
be going July......YES I said "WE"  I get to go too, 
I'm so excited that they are including me and since I
 fly for free it helps out.I took all this information
 off of Kayla's blog-

"The Yale Child Study Center's Developmental Disabilities Clinic provides a 
range of services for children with pervasive developmental disorders. This clinic 
builds on a long tradition of research and service at Yale for children and adolescents
 with autism and related disorders and their families. Comprehensive evaluations
 are provided by a multidisciplinary team of highly experienced clinicians. These
 evaluations take place at the Child Study Center over a two-day period, and focus 
on issues of diagnosis and educational programming/intervention. Each evaluation
 has three components: psychological testing, speech-language testing, and a psychiatric assessment. The assessment team works together to provide a report which is typically
 provided ten to twelve weeks after the assessment. A significant portion of the report is
 devoted to recommendations for intervention and educational planning. Depending 
on the needs in a specific case, referrals to other professionals, e.g., pediatric neurologists 
or geneticists, can be provided."

"in addition to our long-standing clinical program for children 
with developmental disorders such as Autism and Asperger 
syndrome, the Yale Child Study Center is one of the foremost 
research centers for autism spectrum disorders
in the world.  Several of our active protocols involve an 
assessment of your child's cognitive functioning and social 
communication characteristics. The assessment, an oral 
feedback, and written report are provided to research 
participants. The assessment is tailored to the research protocol 
but may be able to start you on 
your way while you still pursue a more tailored evaluation for 
your child through clinic." 


lorie said...

That is awesome news, Monya!!

The Roussels said...

hahah it took me a minute to realize that you pasted my blog onto yours, i was like why is she saying the exact same thing as me hahahah blonde moment!

Shannon said...

This is so great. Autism is my passion. I love those little guys (and the big ones that I work with). They are amazing! I'm interested to hear what they have to say. Good luck!

Marilyn said...

Please keep me posted on this journey. I am extremely interested and want to learn along with you. A lot of this is new...even though I have a MA in Learning Disablilities....this is a new frontier. He is beautiful, loved, and full of potential...always remember that!