Friday, June 10, 2011

Blake in Puerto Plata-3 months left

Blake with Columbus

Blake's on TEAM MOM YA

Blake and a Cannon

Blake with the other missionaries and the MANGOS
This week has been really hard and really rough the rain hasn't been helping us at all either. It has been pouring down rain and all the streets have turned into little rivers,  the water has been getting in all the houses here,  we usually get to the house soaked in water.  i am againt umbrellas the first one i had was the last one I  that i had, I  told myself that i was not going to use another one i love the rain sometimes haha.  Well this last week for P-Day we hiked this mountain and really hiked it something new we went and hiked this mountain the biggest mountain here it took 6 hours in the rain too. Iit was soo muddy the whole zone went it got rough cuz there were parts that we were jumping and hanging on to roots and branches and trees to safe our lives haha and this 15 foot straight up rockwall we had to climb but we had to use the roots of the trees and the branches cuz we made our own trail from the bottom it was soo fun.  In the wild there are  so many wild mango trees bananas and everything we ate soo many it was a lot of fun i fell down this muddy mountain like 30 feet rolling backwards with another dominican cuz i was pulling myself up from his foot and tthe branch he was holding broke off and we went flying down i nailed my head.   When I finally realized what was going on and grabbed a banana tree and stopped me and the nhe came rolling down and nailed me and this 30 foot muddy part we climbed took like 45 min......but we finally did it and made it to the top we couldnt take pictures cuz it was all raining but it was fun a lot of energy was sucked out of me.....and today we went to this place where Christopher Columbus was when he came here and its just a sweet fort with cannons and everything it was a lot of fun......well we have put a baptisimal date with the family Diaz and its for the 18th of this months so we are trying all that we can to get them married so they can finally get baptized and can achieve one of their goals we have been working really hard to find new people its really hard here cuz of all the churches that are here but theres people waiting for us we were able to find this new family Carlos and Yanni and they are really religious people and love it everytiem we go there and they read what we leave the mand as well are praying and the wife said that before he never prayed but now he is and he and her said that they want to go to church they have 6 kids so its a big family.......well we are going to try and baptize thsi guys David this weekend he is the bishops dad he has been listening to the missionaries for 10 years and goes to church every week but i have realized he doesnt have a testimony of the BOM o the restoration and we have been working a lot with that but who knows his whole family is member even his wife shes gone trough the temple she lives in Florida




tamy scheurn said...

Bon Bon~~~
Blake looks great!!! It is amazing how wise these boys becaome!! Missions are for the missionary in so many ways!! In the words of Rhett...My mission is turning me into a "man beast"!! They do come home men!!! I LOVE the growth!! In so many ways it seems like Blake just left but then it seems like a long time ago!!!