Tuesday, June 7, 2011

30 Year Class Reunion

Seriously?  I am not this old, am I?  It seems the years have just flown by, I still feel young,  however, I would never want to go back to those High School years and do it over again.  I was a good girl, if I knew then what I know now I may have done a few things different....like study harder, taken advice from adults who I admired,  and been more kind and compassionate.   I was offered several times an alcoholic drink at the reunion, when I refused one guy said "You still don't drink?"  I said proudly "Never have and never will"  I have never been tempted by alcohol or drugs, I wonder sometimes if it is because of having a father who was both addicted to alcohol and drugs, and he regretted it, those things are what eventually took his life.  Eric and I have had friends who order a glass of wine when we go out to dinner but neither one of us have ever been tempted nor offended when they do.  I remember in High School the kids who "partied" would ask me to come and quickly tell me they would provide "sprite or 7-Up" I never went to any of those parties, I always hung with the kids who had the same standards as me and believe it or not, we had just as much fun or more fun than those who "partied"  It was interesting to see the changes in people's lives as I mingled with my classmates, some made no changes at all , still the same hair style, same personalities, same clothes, but we all had one thing in common-seems everyone I talked to were grateful for family and for experiences that have brought them to the place they are now.  This night just reassured me of who I am, where I've been and where I want to be in another 30 years.


Colby and Samantha said...

Hey Monya you look gorgeous! I need to bring Archer by again soon so he can play with Recker and get some more bon bon time! Love ya!

lorie said...

Dang Monya, you look GOOOD! And I love your hair!

Life at The Hadenfeldt's said...

Monya, don't really know you but, I have commented about how much I love reading your blog. I just wanted you to know how gorgeous you look. The Gospel agrees with you, you shine!