Monday, December 30, 2013

Dave Cluff

My visiting teacher Marion Priday sent me a text last week asking me if I would like to have a song that Dave Cluff sang in sacrament sung in our home.  Oh, how I love music and was so happy when Dave and Kathi moved back into our ward, he has a beautiful voice.  I asked Marian if we cold do it on a different day, as I was really not feeling good that day.  So Dave and Kathi along with Kathi's sister came over to our home last Sunday and he sang "O Holy Night" It was beautiful, I was touched by the spirit through Dave, and his flawless beautiful voice.   These are the type of people I love to surround myself with, uplifting, faithful, unconditionally loving people.  Eric and I talked about it after they left and we both  agreed it was a selfless move for Dave to leave his family and home and give such a great gift to our family, and leave us with the feeling that all is well.

Before he began to sing he started by asking if we remember Wally and Brian Slade singing this in our Church meetings years ago, we agreed that yes we had and loved it.  Dave then said "this will not be
as good as them, and he laughed: I've always told Debbie and Wally if their children lived in my home I would make them sing for their dinner--but Dave was oh so delicate and beautiful as he sang and I loved every second of it--thank you to the best visiting teachers for suggesting this.

I want to apologize if i offended someone in my last post, I know I did by the comment that was left, so I have decided it is best to make my comments private.  I read it over and over again and I am not sure if the person thought what I was saying was not true, or if they were upset at what the doctor had said, but with that being said you have to remember this doctor was not acting as my doctor I went to him as a friend and he gave me his answer as a friend--I removed his comment and yours.

Thank You to all who have supported me and given me unconditional love and support, and to those who have anonymously left me comments that help me remember my room for error at times.



Linda Moreno said...

I Love you Monya Williams your such an inspiration, your in my prayers everyday :-)

Anonymous said...

A truly priceless gift of time and talent!