Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dr. Kreymerman Leaves Mayo Clinic

My favorite doctor of all time, is leaving Mayo Clinic and moving to North Carolina.  His family has already moved and Friday will be his last day at the Mayo.  Those of you who contact me via email about Doctors to use for reconstruction--HE IS THE BEST--and if you live closer to NC, you are in luck--email me and I will give you  information about his practice.
I will never be able to say enough thank you's to him, he has been an excellent doctor for me.  Although this seems to be a good move for him and his sweet family,  myself along with many other patients he has treated will truly miss him. 
Family is so important, this move for him will bring him closer to his parents, and his in laws. I know his wife Rakhi is happy to be closer to her family too.  Good Blessings are on their way to North Carolina, we will miss you in Arizona.

Dr. Peter Kreymerman, Me, and Heather Lucas P.A.

Saying goodbye is always hard--so I just said "see you later"