Saturday, September 1, 2012

Nunez and Diaz Familia

Starting out on this journey to the Dominican Republic I was not quite sure what to expect, I just knew I wanted to experience and see everything I could. I wanted to  stand where my son stood, see the places he lived, and  meet the people he loved.

So far I have not been disappointed, in fact just the opposite.  My heart is full as I have experienced the bus rides, taxi drivers, and motorcycle rides. However,  if am completely honest I would say there have been times I have been really afraid, this is not a safe place.  La Vega is THE SCARIEST little town I have ever been in, yet when we visited the homes of the President Diaz and Nunez the spirit surrounded us.  President Nunez said to Eric and I as we finished dinner "I am sorry our home is so small"  we both looked at each other with tears in our eyes and at the same time said "NO, the size of your home does not matter, it's what is in your heart and we thank you for teaching this principle to our son"

♥♥♥ the Diaz Famiy

Off to the next transfer

Nunez Family♥

I have never laughed so hard, these are wonderful
people with a great love for the Lord