Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Pure Love of Christ Shines Through Weeyum

chicken foot

Blake loves to eat the whole thing

yes, it is disgusting

I cleaned my plate--
I love the Diaz Family above us are pictures of Blake
on their walls.
A smile is Universal, it can brighten a day no matter what nationality you are.  Waiting at the bus stop I smiled at a Haitian woman, she made eye contact with me smiled back as if she knew who I was, then she was off on her way.  I've noticed so many people here have lost so much, some of them carry everything they own (which is not much)  with them.
Santo Domingo Temple
As much as my heart aches for the circumstances in which my son physically lived in for 2 years, my heart also leaps for joy knowing the unconditional love he was blessed with while serving here.  Knowing who he was before his mission, the demons he had to struggle with confirms my testimony of HOPE & FAITH in the Lord, the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real, I've seen it work in my own life as well as people I respect and love dearly. The Lord truly blessed Blake with a unwavering  testimony of the gospel, and HE blessed our family with strength while Blake served.
Hermano Diaz and his children--so cute

When we arrived at Hermana and President Diaz's home they had pictures of Blake on their walls, oh they were over joyed to see him. "Weeyum, Weeyum" with tears in their eyes.  These humble, sweet people live in La Vega, this is a part of the DR that is very scary  not a place to be after dark, I have traveled many countries but never felt fear like I did in La Vega after dark.  This is very interesting to me because this area was Elder Weeyum favorite place to serve, he would email me and say the more poor the area the more humble the people.  On Monday night we had dinner with the Nunez family, then finished the night learning how to make Weeyum favorite smoothies at the Diaz's home.  President Diaz is a very animated man when he speaks, so Weeyum translated--they speak so fast, at one point Weeyum had to ask us to slow down.  We were asking questions, and Pres Diaz was answering and asking questions--it was really funny to watch, but I just wanted to know everything I could about the mission, the people, and their family.  I have never in my life laughed as hard as I did with Pres Diaz, he, knowing it would be dangerous to walk from the Nunez home to his home (which is only a couple streets over) came to pick us up on his motorcycle, Chloe and I got on with him and he laughed the entire way, then we started laughing, he has a contagious laugh we still are not sure what we were laughing about, but it was sure fun, my cheeks hurt. While he went back to get Eric and Blake Hermana Diaz shared some stories with me of Weeyum while he served.

Sister Diaz told me story after story of Elder Weeyum love for the people, she said she saw him many, many times give his plate of food to someone else, so they would not go hungry.  When she asked him once why he did that, because she knew he was mucho hungry he told her "they need it more than I do, and the Lord will bless me with strength to find food tomorrow"  Without hesitation he opened doors for everyone,  he never judged anyone, even those who killed people for a living, he taught them about the love of Christ, he had a couple really lazy companions and she said he worked through it,  she told me he gave his whole heart and soul to the mission.  I was so overwhelmed I cried and explained how happy it made me to hear these things from her, because we have tried to ask Blake about these types of experiences and he will never talk about it, she said "because he is a humble servant of the Lord"  oh dear, that made me cry even more.  The Diaz family will continue to be in my prayers for life.  When we left I gave them hugs and they said in their broken English "Monya, mama I love You"  I bore testimony to them of my love of the savior  and thanked them for taking good care of my son, and sharing their love with him.  I now understand why some missionaries go through a mourning  when they are released or transferred to another area.  When Weeyum came home, I noticed he was a little depressed and sad when I asked him why he said "I miss the people in the DR, mom they are family to me"  Now I understand why, the pure Love of Christ has no boundaries.  We knelt and had family prayer with them, President Diaz asked Eric to offer the prayer in English.
Weeyum talking with the Nunez family

Chloe's  ready for dinner

As we traveled from one mission area to the next we made sure our mode of transportation was as if we were missionaries.  Weeyum knows this country inside and out, every little street, where to go and not go.  Eric was trying a couple of times to spend a little more money and take taxis or buses that were less crowded or air conditioned, but we are so glad we did it Weeyum way, I was able to experience it and see it through Weeyum eyes.  Every Dominican or Haitian we met who knew Weeyum in the field would say "Oh Weeyum, we love you" when I asked how his spanish was everyone of them said "perfecto" Of course Weeyum being the humble sweet man that he is would give all the credit to the Lord and the people for helping him.

Leaving La Vega was really sad for me, I could see the hurt in Blake's heart too.  Good thing we have Face Book to keep in touch, and I fly with USAirways--hopefully Presudebt Diaz will be able to visit us in November.  ♥♥♥ this man


tamy scheurn said...

Sounds like Weeyum was such a successful missionary! I read a article by President of our church and he said these are the things missionaries need to come home feeling! The love of the people they serve and a greater love for their family! Especially a greater love for their parents!! Sounds like a great trip!! Happy you all were able to go!
Love you!

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