Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Elder Wee-yum In the DR

Every person who knew Blake in the mission refers to him as Wee yum, if I had a dime for every time I heard Wee yum today I could make  a lot of meals for these people.  Wee Yum was comfortable and loved in his mission.

It's difficult to put into words how I am feeling.  Since making a bucket list, one of the things on it, in fact at the top of the list was to visit the places where Blake served as a missionary for the church.  Walking the streets, seeing the homes he taught in, visiting with the members who literally fed him and provided a listening ear when he was struggling to not only be an effective missionary and  serve the Lord but to also deal with the fact that his mother was countries away dealing with cancer.  My heart has been touched and my eyes full of tears as these sweet wonderful people have invited us into their humble homes and shared stories of Blakes love for the Dominican People.  Yesterday we were able to attend church with him in Santiago, before we were even able to enter the doors people were surrounding him, hugging him and expressing their love for him to us. "ahh Wee yum" is all we heard.

Caroline--so nice to meet her she emailed me
often and reads my blog

"Wheel yum -was my son in the mission
your son in your home"

We were invited by several families to please come to their home for dinner, however, Blake had already arranged with his favorite family in Santiago for us to have Sunday dinner with them.  As you can see, we did not starve, Eric went with this sweet sister and Blake Saturday night and purchased all she would need to feed our family and a few others.  While I visited with her she told me that Blake ate at her home just about every night while he was serving in her area.  As a mother I am overwhelmed with emotion, Blake had such a difficult time dealing with my cancer while he was gone.  Before one of the surgeries I had Blake went to her home and she talked to him, as he cried and told her how worried he was about me, she told him exactly what I would of told him--"continue to serve with all your heart and the Lord will take care of your mama"   I had some concern while he was gone that he would worry so much about what was happening with me that he would forget to enjoy his mission, hearing this sister tell me these stories made my eyes well up and tears to run down my cheeks.  The Lord truly blessed him with strong members of the church to watch over him, feed him and give him good advice.
Biggest pot of rice I have ever seen, and so good

Chicken, plantains, rice, avocado (the best I'v ever eaten)
potatoes with cream sauce, salad with salsa dressing

The Family
This Sabbath Day was one I will not soon forget.  With a thankful heart I rest tonight.


Nammie said...

So very glad that you all have been able to experience the love and care that these good people have for Elder Williams. It was so special for me when Sue was able to go back to Argentina with me a few years ago. Those good people treated us so good and had such love . . . even after all these years. Makes me want to take better care of the elders in our meetings each week.

Thanks so much for sharing!!

Norm & Sue Watkins