Sunday, April 29, 2012

My visit with Dr. Northfelt

I spent some time at the Mayo Clinic this week--just  routine check ups with Dr. Northfelt.  I had my port accessed by the sweet nurse who has helped me so many times before--she asked about Recker and I asked about her little guy who is now 3--wow how time fly's by.

I had to wait about an hour and half before my next appointment with Maryann, as I waited I could feel my ankle swelling up, the blood was rushing to my ankle making it difficult to sit, when they finally called my name I stood up and just about fainted--right there in the Mayo waiting area--in front of everyone,  I think I scared the nurse, I know it startled me, I heard someone gasp when I grabbed the wall to keep from falling. At that very moment I thought to myself, "are you kidding me Monya? pull it together, you survived cancer for heaven's sake"  a smile came on my face and I very slowly hobbled to the room where I waited for Maryann.  My blood work looks good, no elevations at all, her exact words were "Everything looks normal, you are normal"
So there you have it, I am normal, I love hearing those words.  She asked me about the lower back and hip pain, and I explained the physical therapy did not help, neither did the 2 shots of cortisone I've received since December, Dr. Freeman said it was a misdiagnosis of  bursitis.  Maryann didn't say much more about it, but she did say that Dr. Northfelt was going to come in and see me.  That was a huge surprise, I feel like I have this wonderful oncologist who I never get to see.  When he came in he hugged me and was wearing the tie I bought him for Christmas.  I was soon reminded of how much I love him, he is a good doctor.  For some reason just having those 15 minutes or so to talk to him made me so happy, he knows me and is aware of me.   We talked a little bit about the cancer symposium Mayo Clinic had in January, I told him how great it was and that I hope they will do more of those.  It's really good for women going through the long journey of breast cancer to have the opportunity to be in room filled with cancer survivors and care givers,  it's a time to feel the support and love from not only doctors but more importantly other women going through the same things.  Today, Dr. Northfelt reconfirmed to me that Mayo Clinic is where I need to be.  I called Eric on my way home, happy to report that I got to talk to my oncologist, I told him what a world of good it did for me to see him.