Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Relay For Life 2012

Aunt Pam and Eric Survivor Dinner

Aunt Pam and Me Survivor Dinner

Speaking at the Survivor Dinner

Still talking to Survivors

Me and my survivor friend of 3 years

Me John Lewis and Eric

John Lewis speaking to the Crowd before the Survivor lap

my beautiful (almost daughter in law) Chloe

Me Sonya Aunt Pam

Taking the 1st lap with John Lewis


Pretty sure John will use this shirt to do yard work in

Darin and Me

lover boy and me

Millie and I

the beautiful friends of TEAM RPM love these girls

Blake and Chloe

I made the most money this year--yay with the RFL
coordinator Shelly

Josh Brimhall and Me

love the outfit--ha ha

always time for a little smooch
and right in front of the TREE OF HOPE

Eric and my beautiful youngest daughter Haleigh

Kaitlyn, me, Eric and Haleigh

Lins, Greg, me Kaitlyn and Brian

tree of hope

Amanda Murray


Greg and Sonya dancing

This is our 3rd year for being involved with the RFL.  Year one I was bald as a door knob and could barely make it around the field for the Survivor lap--it was emotional and hard--year 2 I had a little more hair and was still emotional but happy to be alive--this year I have some hair--and believe it or not I can now even put it in a ponytail  yay for me--I also was involved this year by volunteering to be the chairman for Gilbert's Relay For Life Survivors--this year as I made the survivor lap I walked with our Mayor and friend John Lewis, he too is a cancer survivor and spoke to us just before we took that 1st lap, what an inspiration he is to us all, and such a kind man.  Emotionally I was in good condition this year as I took that lap--grateful, hopeful and enormously overwhelmed with what my Heavenly Father has blessed me with--LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.
I told Eric the walk around that track was physically harder on me to do than the 1st year when I was still going through my treatments, my hip and now back are in much pain--I will see the oncologist on the 23rd, we know that the spot on my hip was a mis diagnosis but we need to explore a little more and find out what is happening, I have some other issues happening that I really don't want to blog about just yet, I pray that the Lord will again bless me with strength to do all that I still want to accomplish in this life--


tamy scheurn said...

You all look beautiful---especially you Bon Bon '
I love you and miss you. What day does blake get married! I need my jobs and you need to tell me whatever it is you need me to do!!! Love very much,

Annie said...

What a neat experience! You are so beautiful, with or without hair.

I can't wait to see my father I.L. wearing the pink hooters shirt! LOL!

Good luck on the wonderful wedding weekend!