Saturday, April 21, 2012

Brittle Bones

I find myself deep involved in wedding planning and have not been able to find time to blog like I usually do.  Blake will be married in 5 short weeks, the reception is taking place in our backyard, I decided this was a perfect time to start my wedding decorating business that I have been wanting to do for quite some time.  It has kept my mind off of my cancer and allowed me some joy.  Of course every mother and father want their children to have a beautiful reception, but I feel a little extra pressure as this will be our 1st reveal of some of the things we will be renting out to others and so we want it to be extra special.

I think most of the invitations are in the envelopes and should be mailed out tomorrow--there will be a few stragglers as we try to get addresses, but that is always expected.  In the midst of all this, I am struggling with the pain in my hip and lower back, I will be seeing Dr. Northfelt (my oncologist) on Monday at Mayo Clinic.  My mind keeps wondering to the worst, but I know the Lord is by my side and will guide me no matter what the prognosis is.  I'm sure more tests will have to be scheduled.

On Wednesday I was bouncing Recker on the trampoline with my shoes on (dumb idea) even with a simple bounce I heard my ankle crack and down I went immediately grabbing my foot and crying like a big baby from the pain--I was glad Kayla was there, Recker does not know how to respond to someone crying--another words he continued to run and play, just over and on top of bonbon, I think he thought I was playing a game. Eric was in the house being "TIM THE TOOL MAN" with the REAL tool man Howard Peterson, so I told Kayla not to bother them, but I truly cannot remember feeling that much pain.
Yesterday morning when I woke up my ankle was swollen up twice the size and hurt even more.  After Dr. appointments and X-Rays taken I was told the ankle was broken--so off to the orthopedic surgeon we went--however, he said it was difficult to see the exact seriousness of the fracture because it is too swollen, needless to say I get to wear that beautiful black boot for a couple of weeks until they can X-Ray or if needed MRI it again.  I am not one to sit around with my feet up eating bonbons and watching TV, so the next couple of days is going to hard--time to put on my big girl panties and buck it up.  Today I laid with my foot elevated most of the day, tonight I put on the boot and was able to put pressure on it enough to walk.

I just hope this is not the beginning of the broken bones that will come--after chemo I was diagnosed with osteoporosis caused from chemo I remember the dr. telling me no more running and hard impact sports and to be careful--I really need to start listening to the doctors advice, every time I think "I'm strong that won't happen to me"  guess what?  It DOES.  The truth is my bones are brittle enough to break even bouncing with my grandson on the trampoline. I'm 49 years old but today I feel 90.


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