Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mother's Day- Brave Nerium Friends

I was here in Mayo Hospital for Mother's day.  There may be some typo's as I try to write this is it is very painful, and wrting is hard.  Today, the kids came to see me, and i did get a lot of text messages, today I decided I am going to let my BRAVE come through so my kids can see a me they've never seen before, I tried I was trying so hard,  I even ate a  cupcake.  The kids brought me a necklace from sister Kara Kelly, she is always so generous and I am grateful for the necklace it says BRAVE on it. I am not feeling the BRAVE today--trying though--

My body is not reacting the way I want it to. I hate hospitals, I hate pain medicine, and I hate how my face looks--but  I love how my beautiful children and spouses look--they are so great--I have a great family and have so much to be happy about.  This makes me think of all my Nerium friends, they have stood by me, helped me through the good and bad and shown their FAITH in my healing possibility.
 Eric brought me the new Live Happy Magazine yestersday he knew I would want to see it.

Love these girls

Beautiful flowers


Liz and Danny Nerium friends up for a visit

choose to live happy

my boys--Blake Eric and Brian

Bonus--2 cupcakes--I wish I could say I ate them--but they tasted good