Monday, May 6, 2013

Mormons Mormon Myths and truths #1

When I started this blog it was for the purpose of sharing my thoughts and feelings, it seemed easier for me to do on a regular basis, I have always been a journal writer, but wanted to start something new along with my hand written journal.  I have said many times in the past few years since starting this blog, I want my family to have a history of my life.  Many times when I write I forget my blog is public for all of the world wide web to read, I usually sit at a quiet time with my church music and write what I feel. (Music usually provided by The Slade Family, or Josh Menden)

I'm sad to say I have probably offended some people, no, I know I have, but to those people I will not apologize for my beliefs, and I respect what you believe.  When I put my stamp of approval on this blog and push PUBLISH, I take responsibility for my words--to those of you who leave me anonymous comments I would love if you would put your name on it, if you honestly believe in what you are saying then put your name on it--OWN IT. Shout it from the roof tops, maybe we can bring together both of our beliefs and make this a better world to live in, that is what Christ wanted for all of us, to serve each other, help each other, we can at least agree on that.  I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, so yes, we believe in Christ and I believe it is Christlike to be kind to others and share HIS light.

I have allowed the anonymous comments but when someone leaves comments with words that are simply untrue- I cannot have those published.  I have no problem with you asking me what is true and what is not true, but it is not fair to TELL me what I believe, I have prayed, searched and pondered about all different religions, and for ME the LDS church offers what is best for ME and MY family.  I did not force my children to be LDS, and I do not force my beliefs on anyone else either, I also do not force anyone to read this blog.  If someone asks me a question I will always tell the truth,
I respect and honor those of other religions, we all have the right and agency to believe whatever we choose.  Like I've said, and I will continue to say,  I have no problem when others want to ask me a question about what I believe in and are willing to listen to the truth of what we believe in, but I do take issue with others who "think"they know what we believe because they have heard it from Mitt Romney, or read it on a website--not everything we hear or read are exactly true, it is always best to go directly to someone who you know lives what they believe in and ask for the answers instead of assuming, because it can hurt others.

 If you claim to be Christian, to me this means you try your hardest to live as HE did, when I think of Christ life,  it is evident  people wanted to be around him, the children wanted to sit on his lap laugh and sing with him, they felt safe, men and women flocked to be in his presence because he offered something that none of us can offer--COMPLETE AND ABSOLUTE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE TO EVERYONE--in return HE has asked us to do the same.

-I stand behind everything I believe in, I am honest in all that I say and do, sometimes to a fault. But one thing I will never do is discard what I believe in for the approval  of another person,  I LIVE WHAT I BELIEVE and although I am not perfect I am trying my hardest to be more like the Savior and accept all that is thrown at me.

I have dear friends of all races and religious backgrounds. I have a brother and sister in law who were not blessed to bare their own children and adopted 4 bi-racial children, some from the LDS church social service program.   I am always so impressed and interested in hearing  what others believe, but mostly I love when they teach me new things and new ways of understanding,  the spirit has come into my life through others who are not of my faith, it has helped me to be more tolerant and to come closer to my Heavenly Father. However, I am also human and I am not in anyway perfect, I have said cuss words in front of my  children, I have even asked a bishop if I threw out the "damn and hell" words every once in awhile if it would keep me from ever being called to be a Relief Society President? his answer was "hell no"  so as you can see not ALL MORMONS think they are better than anyone else.

With that being said, I have decided to dedicate every Monday blog to Mormon myths, what is true and what is not, maybe this can help.

Monday Mormon Myth #1


Thinking about this, if it were true, heaven would be a very lonely place, considering that 99.98 % of the worlds population are not members of the LDS church.
We firmly believe that God is a God of perfect justice and mercy and that no heavenly blessing will be given to one person that is not made available and offered to everyone.
God has a plan and a purpose for each and everyone of his children (YOU) whether LDS or not.
Additionally, although we humbly claim that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the Lords official church, we honor the goodness and virtue of other churches and belief systems as well as their faithful and wonderful adherents.  The LDS handbook of instructions for its local leaders say "much that is inspiring, noble, and worthy of the highest respectis found in many other faiths"
I think one of the LDS church Prophets President Gordon B Hinkley stated our viewpoint best in 2002. "This  must be our great and singular message to the world.  We do not offer it with boasting. We testify in humility but with gravity and absolute sincerity.  We invite all, the whole earth, to listen to this account and take measure of its truth...To those of other faiths we say in a spirit of love, bring with you all that you have good and truth which you have received from whatever source, and come and let us see if we may add to it"


Anonymous said...

You are fortunate to have returned missionaries who can provide specific information to help you answer questions that arise, since the issues are probably recurring.
Fundamentalist Christians are the only ones I have heard claiming that they are the few who will be in heaven, using a fear-based approach and turning every contact into an "altar call." Unappealing.
I look forward to more of your myth-busting posts, Monya.

TERRI said...

Wonderful Monya..I enjoy reading your blog so much. Always uplifts me...

Anonymous said...

I have made several comments on your posts. I do not have a GOOGLE account and feel uncomfortable posting my full name and/or email address for the whole worldwide web to see. Therefore, I have posted anonymously rather than not at all.

Yes, you have been very honest and candid in your blog, bringing me the closest I ever hope to be to a full understanding of the cancer journey. Your deep faith has always come shining through.

Your post today implies that Mormon Myth #1 was a comment left on your blog or a commonly heard statement, especially since you have chosen it to be first. Thank you for addressing the issue.

I do have a question. My dear friends, who are devout Hindus, were not permitted to attend their son's wedding in the Draper, Utah LDS temple. If this is Mormon church policy, I guess it would not be considered a myth. Will you explain the rationale for this, please?

Thank you.

Monya Williams said...

I want to respond to both anonymous comments here:
1st one--I am not sure what religion the person is, and quite honestly in my eyes it does not matter. They have their right to believe what they want and I respect that, but I would really like people to actually have a conversation with me--through email I can do that and protect the identity of people who are fearful of asking, anyone who knows me well, knows I am open and honest and will try my hardest to answer all questions, if not I, like you said am fortunate to get the answers either from these missionaries or from
I like you, do not believe or care for fear based religious beliefs. I am happy with where I am in my life and have no fear of my future, I know HE loves me and knows my mistakes and believe he died for all of us, so that those mistakes have already been atoned for. thank you for your thoughts-

BTW to anyone who is fearful of posting anonymously I understand that reaction of not wanting your email or info on line--when you post anonymous you can still sign your name and you will not have info going out to the www. I have plenty of friends from all over the world who give feedback anonymously but just say hi its Joan, or Jenny.

To answer the question to anonymous #2 the only reason it is Mormon Myth #1 is because it is the 1st one I have posted, the next will be 2 and then 3 and so on, it has nothing to do with any questions people have asked me, to be quite frank I have not been asked anything about what I believe in, I have only been TOLD that the information they are getting is from a source that is not reliable, however because either they have heard it from their pastor or church service about the LDS church they somehow believe it is true--so much of what is being taught is simply not true--which then creates fear--I will address your question next week in Mormon Myth #2 since you asked me. Thank you, and I do appreciate your feedback when done in a kind and compassionate way, and I too would love to be allowed to ask you some questions.

Coplen's said...

I love your testimony and your strength and I look forward to reading your myths.

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

Monya, I am always uplifted and inspired by your words and thoughts (especially when they are inspired by Josh's music:)). I am sure that you are blessed for sharing your testimony in such a way, as you bless others lives too! Your friends that you brought to church seem wonderful! They had a light within and I admired their courage:).