Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jeremy Roussel

Meet my son in law Jeremy, he is kind gentle and the best father.  Jeremy is married to my oldest daughter Kayla.  This week will be there 5th wedding anniversary.  When Eric and I first met JJ we knew from the 1st date that he was a good man.  He comes from a family of 9 children, his mother and father raised him to work hard, they also taught him how to treat a woman with respect.  I have never had to bring in my groceries from the car when he is around, he always opens the door for me, and without a doubt he always gives the biggest bear hugs to anyone who enters our home--He has a laugh that is contagious, when Jeremy starts to laugh EVERYONE  in the room laughs, not necessarily because of what is being said or done, most of the time we don't even know why we are laughing, we all laugh because he is so happy and his laugh makes us all happy, sometimes to the point of tears.

I love when Jeremy comes to the house, he usually looks at me and either says "what's up tuts?" or "Hey Monya, guess what?" then I say "what" and he says "I love you" he gets me all the time.

Jeremy is a peacemaker in our home, he loves and protects us all, he deeply loves Kayla, Recker and Ezra.  He has a sister who is mentally disabled, being raised with her has given Jeremy the ability to show unconditional love to most everyone he meets.  Recker, oh my gosh Recker just loves his daddy, when Jeremy comes in the room Recker runs hugs and kisses him, then leads him with his hand to the door--he knows daddy will take him outside to play, throw a ball, jump the trampoline, swim in the pool or just sit and watch Recker be Recker--I LOVE THIS ABILITY IN JEREMY--

I have been so blessed to have Jeremy as a son in law, he was here through my entire cancer process and with deep caring and compassion in his heart he helped care for me when I needed it the most.
Thank you for being a hard worker,  providing for your family,  being gentle and kind to me, and especially for helping to bring these two special spirits into the world--my grand babies,Recker and Ezra will carry on your Roussel name, and be proud of who there daddy is, and was, long after you are old and grey and have left this mortal life--your name will be praised by your children and family--We love you.


Life at The Hadenfeldt's said...

So sweet!

Anonymous said...

Not to mention as cute as he can be . . .