Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hangin with T Swift

For Christmas I bought all the girls and I tickets to see Taylor Swift in concert, tonight was the night.  WOW how that time went by quickly, seems like they just opened those tickets up.
I like Taylor Swift, I know she gets a lot of publicity about all the songs she writes about her brake up with the boys she dates, but tonight I heard it from a different perspective and I have to say I agree with all she said.  She writes about what is happening in her life at the time and how she feel at the moment, this special times, or difficult times is what will eventually help her to become the person she ultimately wants to be in life.... in other words she learns from each experience and her songs are almost like writing a journal of her life, not much different than all of us who journal or blog about our lives.

The girls and I had great seats and it was so fun to be together with all of them, not sure what the guys did tonight, but our girls night out was fantastic, and I wouldn't trade these memories for anything in the world, love my girls and really enjoyed the concert.