Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ezra joins our family

I think this is the longest I have gone without posting on my blog.  Things have been crazy around the Williams home, so much to catch up on now--
Eric and I are so overjoyed with our new little grandson Ezra Ray Roussel, he arrived on February 23, 2013 weighing in at 9 pounds 8 ounces and 22 inches long.  I was blessed with the opportunity to be in the delivery room with Kayla and Jeremy again.  There is nothing more miraculous than a baby being born--just a couple of days before Ezra was born I was at the Temple and felt Eric's dad really strong, on my way home I called and told Kayla what a great experience it was to feel him right there with me again.  I am thrilled they decided to name Ezra after Ray, he was an amazing man.  We will have fun telling Ezra all about his humor and big spirit.
I have to brag on my oldest daughter for a minute, Kayla is amazing at giving birth--I know that sounds weird, but she really is.  Never a peep out of her, in her mind she thinks she is screaming but we never hear a word out of her.  I know she was worried about having a C-Section, the doctor came in the room and told the nurses to get the OR prepped for a C-Section and I could see in the face of both her and Jeremy they did not want that to happen--problem is the doctor did not want to put the baby at any risk--since Ezra was so big, the doctor was worried about the width of his shoulders, if she got the head out but could not deliver the shoulders they would have to push him back in and do an emergency c-section.  Kayla did awesome, little Ezra's arm was behind his back while coming out, they were worried his arm would break, and I have never seen a delivery doctor work as hard as hers did to get this little guy out safely, after his head was out the nurse stuck both her hands in and turned him.  I know the pain was excruciating especially since the medicine had worn off by then, but they did it.  I watched the doctor turn red and shake as she pulled on Ezra's head, I got teary thinking she was going to break his neck--finally he plunged into the world--HUGE was the only thing I could think of--I was so proud of Kayla-she has been an amazing mother to Recker and now she gets the joy of raising another wonderful son--it's such a spiritual experience to watch a baby enter the world.

doctor had to suction him out--poor little head

We love Him

Welcome to the Family
Ezra Ray Roussel 2.23.13
Recker giving little brother his 1st kiss

This is perfection at it's finest, our family has been extremely blessed.


Kayla Roussel said...

Mom you're so sweet! I love you and couldn't have made it through the last month without your help with recker...seriously! THANK YOU!!