Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Impossible

I'm not one to recommend movies, but I do recommend THE IMPOSSIBLE, a movie based on true events from the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean 2004.  Eric and I went to see this last week.   I had no idea going into this movie it would have such a profound impact on me.  After seeing The Impossible, I decided my cancer journey is a cake walk.  It's interesting what we think we can handle and what we actually can handle.

Sometimes when I think my life is impossible to bear,  I try to think about the people around me who are suffering 10 fold more than I am, perspectives change as I have learned to listen with my heart when patients talk to me about their own journey with cancer, knowing their lives are going to end soon.  I've learned no matter what is happening in my life, there is always someone who is in need of comfort, I believe they are put in my life at just the right time.

Some of the impossibles that I thought I could never live through have become my sacred memories.  Life is precious, it is supposed to be filled with fun, laughter, cake and ice cream,  family, friends and yes, the inevitable journey of life comes with hardships and trials--it's all part of the plan.


Anonymous said...

simply stopping by to say hey

lorie said...

I saw this because of your review. Cried like a baby. Loved it!