Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Visit with Doctor Peter Kreymerman AGAIN

I have stayed away from my blog for a few weeks, I consider my personal thoughts here on this blog to be sacred, I simply have had nothing to say.

Last week I had several appointments at Mayo Clinic, tests and exams continue to be a normal part of my life.  It has been really frustrating. My hip pain is back in full force, a bone test was done and the spot is still there, time for another cortisone shot.  After going to my oncologist office last week, MaryAnn told me that my blood work looks good right now, but wanted to know what I have decided as far as treatment on my thyroid.  I do not have an answer for her, however I told her my concern about the Dr. I had been seeing, she agreed if I feel the way I do that I need to change my doctor and do it asap.  I'm working on that, but want to stay at the Mayo Clinic.

Some new things going on, a few of weeks ago my right breast had a lump and it started to turn red.  I was really thinking the cancer was taking over again but decided to wait to see my oncologist so he could look at it.  MaryAnn looked at it and said it was a breast infection, and that I should see plastics.  Yesterday, I made a visit to Dr. Peter Kreymerman.  I thought I was done seeing him, and yes I still love him.  He explained to me how important it is to let them know when I have something like this going on, any time I have an infection in my body (UTI, sinus infection etc even dental procedures) it can go straight to my breast and attach itself to my implant, when and if this happens I could be back in the OR with him getting my implants out. (my thought when he told me this was "who cares?, take them out") I am now on an antibiotic hoping the infection will go away.  Like always, I learned something from Doctor Peter Kreymerman (PK) and I am reassured once again why I love Mayo Clinic, my doctors do care about my health and want me to take every precaution to prevent more appointments and surgeries than needed.  I have a great team of Doctors, and although I never thought I would be seeing Dr. PK again it was good to see him.

I know it sounds like I am skipping around the elephant in the room, but really I'm not.  I totally understand what is happening with my body, Eric and I are on the same page and we, together will decide what doctors to see and believe we will be blessed.


GC GEMS said...

You are constantly in our hearts and prayers. Wish we were closer :( We love you!

SweetSonyaMom said...

Ok Sis...we need to talk. I love you!