Friday, October 19, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

Being overwhelmed with decisions about my health and what direction I should go has been heavy on my mind.  I always rely on the Lord for my answers, but also know that HE allows me a choice.  I've decided I'm not making any choices right now, I know for sure one of my doctors needs to be changed--and a 2nd opinion given.  I am so exhausted from thinking about this 24/7,  so for right now I am not going to do anything, and I am not going to have any regrets.

my view from our condo

another view from our patio

Eric and I are in Mexico, he has gone golfing and I am alone in the condo with nothing but the music and my thoughts.  When I look out the window I'm mesmerized by the waves of the ocean.   This place has been such a great retreat for me.  So many times I have received answers to prayers on this beach, there have been times when it has only been me and the waves, no other person to be seen for miles.

 I hesitated to leave "last minute" with Eric and enjoy 2 days here, I'm glad I did this has been an extremely difficult week.  Now as I look at families enjoying each other all of those worries are gone, and a smile comes to my face.


Life at The Hadenfeldt's said...

Monya, I hope that you are peace with the decisions you and The Lord have come up with. My thoughts are with you!