Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cancer does not Discriminate

Eric and I drove down to our condo in Rocky Point a few days ago--I know it seems like we just got home from a vacation, however for the past 5 years we have spent the 4rh of July in Mexico.  None of our children were able to come, I really miss having them here with us.
We have not been down here for a couple of months, the kids have been down several times without us.  We were surprised how much has changed in just a few months, they now have some really nice paved roads keeping the dust down, a huge SAMS CLUB and a 6 theater movie cinema.  We had date night tonight and went to the movies, it was quite an experience.  The only movie playing in english was Spiderman IV, we said "what the heck, lets try it out"  much to our surprise it was the movie everyone else was going to see, it was a packed theater.  It's interesting watching a movie with Spanish subtitles, we were the only Americans in the jam packed theater.  There were a few times where people were laughing when they really should not of been, Eric and I wondered if the subtitles were wrong or if they just found things funny that we didn't.  The 3D glasses were the best glasses I have ever worn, not the cheap paper ones, these were very sturdy and nice.  One other thing that I thought was really disgusting, but I will mention that Mr. Eric thought was fantastic, instead of butter and cheese sprinkles for your popcorn they have a salsa condiment counter, we saw people putting layers of jalapeno's in their popcorn and then drenching it with either red or green salsa--I asked Eric to not get any ideas--he had the biggest smile on his face, if you know him he loves this kind of stuff, but he complied and just went with the plain ole popcorn.  No more than 5 minutes after we took our seats some people decided to step around us and sit next to us spilling our popcorn all over the floor, Eric went back and they gave him a new bucket, of course his new bucket had jalapeno's and red salsa--me? not a fan, Eric?  he loved it but said it was kinda weird after the lights went down when he would grab a handful and along with the popcorn was something wet (the jalapeno's and salsa)  YUCK---
After the movie was over we walked out to take some pictures of the lobby, the people here are so proud and excited for this new adventure in their town.  I noticed a family, the husband had on a black shirt with a huge pink breast cancer ribbon on the front, I walked up to him and attempted to have a conversation, attempted is the important word here, I speak no Spanish.  From what I gathered he did a breast cancer walk in Mexico, not for his wife but for a family friend, I thanked him for his support and showed him my pink :LIVE FREE: bracelet and he asked me if I was dealing with cancer I nodded and he understood, gave me a hug and said clear as spanglish can be "God Bless You"  As we walked away I looked at Eric and said, I never thought about the fact that Cancer does not discriminate--what a great, fun night I had with my sweetie.

Rocky Point Now Has A Movie Theater

POPCORN with your choice of jalapenos and red or green salsa

best 3D glasses ever made

Eric and his popcorn with jalapenos and red salsa

This is the lobby / concession area very clean and nice

My new friends--breast cancer awareness walkers


Wendi said...

Hey Monya,
I would be happy to teach you how to quilt. I love it and it is so rewarding. It takes a while, but that is well worth it.
Also a big question for you. My friend in our ward just began this awful battle with the villian. She just finished her 3rd week of chemo and today was the first time to church with no hair. She was wearing a darling hat though and I was so proud of her for coming at all. She is so weak and only made it through sacrament meeting, but at least she came. I just want her to know that she is beautiful and strong and besides all the prayers we pray in her behalf I really need to know what to do to help her in some small way though this fight. She is trying really hard to have a possitive attitude, but I have no clue how that feels for real, but since you do I need your help in letting me know what I can do to help her. I don't want to dig up memories that are not fun at all, but please let me know what helped you. Thanks and let me know when you want to sew.....