Monday, February 20, 2012

Blake and Chloe are ENGAGED

The actual proposal

so happy

he did good on her ring--rose gold beautiful

tears of joy

they look good together


haleigh, blake and chloe, wy wy and mattison brown,
greg and lins smart and Kaitlyn and Brian

He got the girl--
Blake has now been home since September--a few weeks later he started to date Chloe Dana--we love her and are excited for her to join our family--Let me tell you a little about this sweet girl--she danced with Haleigh and Kaitlyn--I knew her mother, who sadly lost her life to cancer just before I found out I had cancer-- Chloe brings out the best qualities  in Blake.   They continually laugh, compliment each other and are genuinely supportive of the goals they not only have made together but individually--I have never been nervous about who Blake would marry because we have always joked with him about whoever he decides to marry has to get passed the Williams girls approval--and Chloe does--we love her and are happy for them to start their life together.  We also always knew Blake would marry a girl with dark hair and coco skin--they will make some cute babies.

It's been fun watching Blake prepare for how he would ask her to marry him, he wanted his family involved and to be there--so we all packed up and went to Mexico--he and Brian planned the actual event so none of us really knew when it would happen or how--Chloe had no idea it was coming which made it even that more sweet--and to top it off it was her birthday Feb 18th, the day he asked her.

Blake and Brian asked this hispanic family with small children if they would help, and as we were sitting down town enjoying the beautiful weather, this family walked up and in broken english asked for Chloe--completely surprised and in her bubbly happy attitude she said "yes, that's me" then the little cute boy handed her a box with the ring, Blake got down on one knee and asked her to marry him for eternity.  I wish I had her reaction on video--I had no idea it was coming, we all cried and hugged and oh yeah she said "YES"  Welcome to our family Chloe we love you --oh and by the way you have to teach Family Home Evening next week--


Nichole said...

How exciting congrats!

tamy scheurn said...

So So cute!!!
Congrats Blakey!!!!!!
Love all you guys!!!

Wendi said...

Congrats Monya, It is so much fun having young love around again. We are excited for you. Beautiful ring by the way!!!!