Monday, August 22, 2016

Another Surgery

Before Surgery this actually looks really good in comparison
to the previous months.

After Surgery..I don't know what that yellow thing
is but it stinks like the hospital
I now have this doozie

Friday I  had surgery with Dr. Lettieri. It was not a planned surgery, so I was a little shocked when he called me on Wednesday to tell me.  

He did a skin graft taking the skin from my upper right collar bone area, I now have a new 3- inch scar but the good news is I think this will be my last surgery for awhile. Today I am very sore and still in pain.

The last thing I remember saying before I was knocked out in the Operating Room was 

"Dr. Lettieri....?"

"Yes" Looking up from his paper work

"Dr. Lettieri, I love you" and out I went.

I woke up in recovery with a massive headache and pain in my chest.  I didn't know Dr. Lettieri was going to take such a large area of skin for the graft; but I trust him and know he will take good care of me.  I am home, recovering now, it takes me longer after each surgery to recover and get all the anesthesia out of my body.  Surgery is becoming a monthly event, I'm happy Dr. Lettieri thinks this is the last one for a few months.  I need time to enjoy the Fall weather that will soon be here.