Thursday, June 23, 2016

God is Good

Today I am grateful for the good and bad experiences I've had in my life.  I've had a few friends diagnosed with breast cancer over the past few months.  Each one of them have had a lumpectomy no chemo or radiation.  While  a part of me wants to ask....why I didn't catch it sooner, the inner spirit in me says the Lord has a plan for me.  I may never know what that is, but I continue to have faith and hope for continued strength to help me through this earthly life.

Today as I scrolled through Face Book reading updates on friends lives, I read one of them was told  she was CANCER FREE by her physician, I was thrilled for her, but the comments were what intrigued me. Almost everyone of the 200+ comments said God is Good.   I agree God is good, but for someone like me who has been dealing with health issues for almost 7 years now I had to question....isn't God Good to everyone?  Although I continue to do all I'm asked to do by my physicians I also continue to have heartache after heartache; my body is not cooperating.  Some people have been bold enough to say this is due to my lack of faith. I, in no way believe I'm not as good in the eyes of the Lord as these other woman are but I would be lying if I said it didn't affect me.  While I am honestly happy for these friends, I never want anyone I love to experience what I've been through I do not believe it has to do with how much faith I have.  I know without a doubt the Lord loves me and has a purpose for me here on earth. I'm trying to be the best woman I can be, trying to give unselfishly, serve others with a thankful heart....not because I think I deserve some great reward of complete healing but because I know when I serve others it makes me feel good, and in a strange way, maybe other people cannot understand it helps me feel hope for not only my future but for the future of those I serve.

Yes, God is Good he is in charge of my life, I am in charge of how I react to it.  I have chosen to not step around the fire but to run through it knowing on the other side will be safety.  The peace I feel knowing I'm ok with who I am from the inside out is becoming more and more real as the years pass and the reality sets in knowing my doctor was face will never be the same again, at least not in this lifetime.  I look forward to the day when I pass over to the other side knowing my body will be perfect again like a new born I will no longer have pain.  Until that day I live each day with a smile on my heart and sincerity with my intentions.

God is good all the time, to everyone.