Sunday, March 23, 2014

CJ Udall's Funeral (celebration of life)

It's been a long week, I have tried to keep my thoughts and energy towards Dwight and Jori.  The Udall family has seen miracles happen in their lives this week.  Tender mercies from the Lord as they have been processing the death of their youngest son CJ.  Last night Dwight and Jori held a celebration in honor of CJ.  The LDS religion believes in celebrating life, not focusing on death.
What a great way to honor CJ, he touched so many lives... celebrate what he was able to accomplish in his 11 years of life on this earth.

We believe he came to earth to get his body, his spirit was perfect in every way and he is and has been protected by the spirit of God as he has lead his life with joy, compassion and spread his love to all he met.  Some have said "why, if he is protected by Heavenly Father, would HE choose to take him now?" There are no answers for that, but I believe Jori and Dwight will have the honor as they live righteously to be with him again.

Listening to Jori  tell of CJ's life story was an incredible act of service she rendered, one that I am not sure I could do.  In fact I said to Eric "all I can think of is our little Recker, who will give his life story?" I loved the words Dwight shared with the congregation, the word Advocate is sincerely a perfect word to describe a parent with a special disability.  Especially when a child is non-verbal and wants so badly to communicate.  The spirit was with me today, as I sat and listened to this sweet family spread happiness and give meaning to CJ and the life he lived.

The memory of CJ's life will forever live on.  I know a couple of mothers who have lost a child early in their life, however, I have sat back and watched them blossom into loving inspirational people helping those around them to process in their own way.

Tiffany Check and her husband are one of the couples I know who have not lost the memory of their sweet daughter, but who are doing their best to live strong, experience tender mercies and recognize those blessings and feelings of her spirit through the Holy Ghost testifying to them.....they will see their sweet daughter again, she will have a perfect body, a perfect mind and will teach them more than they can ever teach her.  I also feel this will be the same with Dwight and Jori.