Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Beautiful Boy, Perfect LovešŸš©

I simply adore this little boy.  Recker is such a special, special boy.  Sometimes I wonder what is going through his beautiful little head.  I watched him yesterday from a distance playing with some of the children in his neighborhood, he was off alone in the corner by himself, then at one point he heard one of the little girls talking to another little boy, Recker walked up and took the girl by the hand as if trying to get her to follow him, and she (like most children would do at her age) walked away from him.  For just a slight moment I could see this sadness in his face, I think he is starting to understand more and more what his limitations are and what he cannot do, soon he will realize what he CAN do, we try to emphasize the CAN'S, because there is a lot more he CAN do than he or we even realize yet.

  I want so desperately for the family to hear him just say something, mom or dad would be preferable.  He has now began to wave goodbye to us and once in awhile we can even get a little sound that we think is "bye bye"  and when Blake counts ... one...two...three...jump ...we can usually here him say when Blake gets to the two, Recker will say "twooey" it's so cute, we all jump for a joy and have him do it over and over until he is fed up with it all, shakes his no and off he goes to a new adventure much cooler than us.

He loves his daddy !!
Precious baby boy born 12-14-2009

really? another picture? I'm barely awake

I'm never getting out of the tub
bright eyes
just cuteness
fresh out of the tub

1st day of pre-school
helping bonbon get through a tough day

team bonbon--my biggest supporter



uncle blake gets home from his mission
being an outside boy

Christmas 2012
  This little boy's heart is bursting with LOVE to be shared--Although he keeps it bundled up and sealed for special people in his life--I know he loves, and feels love. Recker has helped me to understand that Heavenly Father has a plan, a plan for each and everyone of His children, we may not always understand THE PLAN but if we let the process happen and listen for the spirit to teach us, we can hear the Love, especially the beautiful love this boy has to offer.


Kiersten Hart said...

He is such a cutie!! And such a beautiful family