Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hello Sam--Goodbye Port

Today was an important day for me at the Mayo Clinic-- I met "Sam the Man" he took out my Port--yes, I got the ugly thing taken out of my chest.... no more 3rd boob sticking out of my chest.
I'm pretty sure Sam thinks I'm a little weird, I asked him to take pictures before during and after the procedure--I just wished I had gotten a picture of Sam--what the heck?  I always have that dang camera with me and take pictures of everyone and everything going on in my life--why didn't I get one of him?


during--disgusting--can you see the port?

the port--Sam asked if I wanted to keep it--
uhhhh that would be a big fat NO

after--notice all the stitches are on the inside--very cool
Now as I sit here on my bed in some pain, and after hearing Sam tell me I can't lift anything for 10 days, I wonder why I didn't wait until after Blakes wedding to get this out, I have so much to do.