Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Poem to my Son-BlakešŸš©

Today is Blake's 23rd birthday--I just sent  through email this poem I wrote for him--I've never written a poem and don't know that I ever will again-but this is how I really feel.  I don't like to use the word PROUD but I kinda am, this boy is now a man, knowing he was out serving helped me get through some really tough days and months--

When you turned nineteen, and decided not to go
 my heart ached for what you didn't know.

Times were rough, and thoughts weren't clear
deep inside I was glad you were still here.

Dad and I raised you in the Church,  saying
"where will you go?"
your answer to us was "NO"

I prayed morning and night, wanting
everything to be just right.

I'll never forget the day of your call
it was such a shock to us all,
seems you too had been praying and preparing.

Tears of joy filled my eyes, for now I knew
and could empathize-

You would go out and tell
of Heavenly Fathers Plan
and how Adam fell.

When my diagnosis returned positive for cancer
 I cried "no, this can't be"
I wanted a different answer.

You were given a blessing that said
"your mom will be here"
then I begged the Lord to take away your fear.

The day I hugged you good-bye,
I wasn't quite sure how I'd get by.

As I felt my heart explode in my chest,
I knew it was time to let the Lord do the rest.

Every letter,  Christmas and Mother's day
there was so much to say,
 you were serving the Lord,  and it made me  glad
to hear you so happy for good days and bad

Now those two years have gone so fast,
soon you will be home with us at last.

Our family has been so blessed, you have
served with honor and done your best.

When people ask me "how did you survive your fight?"
I look at them and say "because I have a son who chose
to share HIS light"

I love you Elder Blake Williams-Happy Birthday



Michelle Menden said...

Monya thank you for your kind comments about my boys. That was such a great poem. And I just loved Blake's words in the program Sunday. What an amazing young man. He will be so blessed when he returns. It actually made me excited for my own sons to have such an experience and hope I am just a few steps behind you. I am so excited for you and your family for Sept. 28th!

tamy scheurn said...

I love this!!!! So happy for all of you including Elder Williams! He is well prepared now for the exciting things to come!! Love you ALL!!!

The Lesueur's said...

Monya everytime I read your blog I cry! That was such a sweet poem. How blessed you and your family have been having Blake serve the Lord. I remember the day you found his call,what an awesome day! He has been an amazing missionary and has grown so much. I cant wait to hear him speak at his homecoming!(you better let me know when it is :)!) Thanks Monya for being such a great example to me, I love you and your family so much! Love, Melissa

TERRI said...

Beautiful poem, Monya~ You're a wonderful mother! I'm proud of you!