Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blake's IteneraryšŸš©

Saying Goodbye was so hard Sept 23rd 2009
I wish I could bottle up this feeling I have right now---I'm in Mexico I opened up my email and had gotten a little itinerary from Salt Lake City saying--Elder Blake Williams will be home in the US of A sky harbor airport on September 28th at 5:25 pm--not only did I do a little dance by myself in my kitchen--I smiled from ear to ear and even let out a few "oh yeah's he's finally coming home" with my hands in he air...I know this is bitter sweet for him, but it's ALL SWEET to me.... I miss him so much and I literally dream of that first hug, nothing I can write will even come close to explaining the feelings in my heart---I think it's time for some SUGAR--


Tracey said...

That is so exciting! Keep us posted.

tamy scheurn said...

BonBon~ IT IS SO EXCITING!!! Be sure to let me know when he will report in church!I know it will be bitter sweet for him and as much as you want him back...Be prepared when he is released!! It too is bitter sweet!! But now it is on to school!! He will be changed when you meet him!! It is so awesome to feel their spirit and to have a returned missionary home in the same house with you!!So HAPPY for all of you!!! The Scheurns love the Williams!!