Friday, August 12, 2011


I wish I could of been able to blog everyday on our trip, the cost of using the internet on the Ship was outrageous, Eric actually did buy us a plan because he knew how important it is to me to keep a journal of all we do, however, it would take over an hour to upload pictures or post anything that ended up costing us, even the email I sent to Blake he didn't get in time--so here I am blogging the experience all at once-better than nothing I guess--I always have a note pad with me and write down feelings and impressions as I get them anyway.
1st off we decided at the last minute to book this cruise-a few months ago Eric and I attended a fundraiser and he donated some money,  in return we were given a  1st class Euro-Rail pass--sounds exotic and fun huh?  Not so much for people our age--the pass includes being able to visit 5 or 6 countries all having to border eachother--we never took into thought that we would have to also lug our luggage through railway stations, up and down stairs and through cities with cobblestone roads--we both laughed and decided to make it an adventure never to forget--and in true form of all that I believe in--LEARN SOMETHING FROM IT--Never take more clothes than you need--one carry-on- easy to wheel around is perfect--

We were on a balcony suite this is our room and view at Sunset

Croatia is beautiful--lots of sunshine and beaches to see

We met this guy with Eric who was from the Dominican Republic, he
lives where Blake was just transferred from

The small streets and alley ways are beautiful

We rented the red car, loved all the local organic fruits
and veggies, and no we did not attend the Nudist Camp just thought
it was interesting--never seen this before
The cruise part of the trip was wonderful, we ported from Venice-then our 1st stop was Hvar Croatia-we have both always wanted to visit Croatia and this cruise gave us an opportunity to make 4 stops. In Hvar we explored by car-- a small little red beetle bug--it reminded me of my sister Sonya she loves these cars and has a cute little red one.  We had so much fun exploring a new country.

This is Split Croatia--

Our next stop was Split Croatia-it is the 2nd largest city in Croatia and it is on the Adriatic Sea.  We walked and explored the city by foot, it was beautiful and the beaches and water are so clean and clear.

The next day we ported in Kotor Montenegro, a country I really had never thought of visiting but I am sure glad we had the opportunity it was beautiful.  Eric and I had different ideas of what to do, so we first wend on a boat tour to see the back side of this beautiful country--I am not a fan of tours, but being with Eric I am a fan of so off we went--
The River Tour

I know Eric really didn't want to hike 1300 steps up
then 1300 down again--but I was so proud of him

The beautiful view from the top of the fortrest

We were hot and sweaty afterwards, but it felt so good
to get a good exercise in

Part of the river tour and the steps to start our hike

River Tour
Day 5, 6 & 7 we stopped at Dubrovonik Croatia, Korcula Croatia and Trieste Italy I combined all those pictures. Dubrovnik  has stone walls and breathtaking medieval monasteries and marble paved squares with beautiful fountains, and architechture.  Croatia is simply beautiful in all aspects of the word.
Eric bought this ring and pendant for me

Creme Brulee' my favorite

Eric ate all of these desserts one night on the cruise

just a picture from one of the staircases of the cruise ship

Trieste Italy

Trieste Italy

The cruise was so fun and we saw some incredible countries, we enjoyed every second of our time together.  Now  we are off to Paris for 4 days.


Tracey said...

Wow. Your trip looks like it was amazing!