Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hilary Weeks my new BFF

Lunch with Hilary-😘

A few months ago, Hilary Weeks emailed me to set up a time for us to meet and go to lunch.  With so much going on it was difficult to make that happen until now.

Everyone knows I fly for free, so I got on a plane flew to Utah stayed with one of my oldest and dearest friends Teri Padovich.  We had so much fun catching up, laughing, actually laughing a lot.  We talked a lot. We haven't seen each other for so long.  I was a little worried about her reaction to my face.  She didn't skip a beat, we hugged and off we went.  It was like old times, I really needed this time away from Arizona.

While Teri was working I met Hilary for lunch, good thing I knew what she looked like, because we hadn't at that point exchanged phone numbers.  I just knew I was supposed to meet her in Harvest restaurant at Thanksgiving Point.  I immediately recognized her and apologized for being late, those darn GPS's don't always give out the correct directions.

I have to say, meeting Hilary was wonderful for me, what a rey of light she gives out.  Her spirit is inspirational, I could feel her sincerity.  It's rare to find people you can truly connect with on a spiritual level.  It felt like we'd been friends forever, she is beautiful inside and out.  Just as I love the Live Happy campaign, Hilary has her own called Live Positive.  If you haven't gotten the app on your phone you are truly missing out.  Keep track of happy thoughts,  type journal entries, make goals and earn inspirational quotes.  You can even form groups of people to do it with.

I loved talking with Hilary, she has 4 daughters, met her husband while he was on his mission in Alaska --she thought Elder Weeks was pretty cute, and pretty inspirational himself.  A few years later she was walking on the BYU campus when she saw him for the 1st time since Alaska.  She said she yelled "Elder Weeks" he turned, saw her, ditched his friends and the rest is history. I love her music, I've heard her speak and for so many reasons my heart has been drawn to her.  Now I know why.  She is so positive, loves her family and has a burning desire to make the world a better place.

After lunch we exchanged phone numbers, and to my surprise she text me and invited me to attend the Women's broadcast with her and 3 of her daughters.  Teri dropped me off at Hilary's house I met her daughter's and her husband (Elder Weeks) what a great family.
I love these cute girls....❤️πŸ‘€

Sitting the woman's broadcast with Hilary and her girl's was so fun. When it came time to sing, my natural instinct was to pick up the hymn book and sing....all of a sudden I realized I am sitting next to Hilary Weeks.  Her music has inspired me and helped me through some incredibly rough times...this was really surreal. I wanted to close my eyes and just listen to her voice sing to me. Janice Kapp Perry also in the congregation--I was surrounded by inspiration.

 Of course I wished my daughter's could have been with us too.  I am an avid note taker. I have stacks of journals and note pads full of the notes I have taken from special talks and thoughts I spontaneously have while visiting Mayo Clinic.  Some of the most important life's lessons I've learned are written down and journaled.  I sometimes go back and review them and often I am so surprised at the words I have written.  How easy it is sometimes to forget the lessons we learn at poignant times of our life. I'm so grateful for having those detailed memories to look back on. This visit with Hilary and her family will always be one of those memories.  The Lord has truly blessed me with good people in my life.  Hilary and I will be forever friends now.  
This is truly a beautiful woman inside and out.

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