Thursday, February 20, 2014

"Oh Dear, Now What?

Wednesday February 19, 2014

I woke up this morning in a puddle of blood on my pillow, all over the side of my face, neck and ear.  How did I sleep through that?  I went to the Mayo to have it checked out, by the time I had gotten there I had to change out the bloody cotton balls 4 times, they were saturated.  It was not painful, just messy.

When I arrived at the Mayo I had to wait a bit in the waiting area because I did not have a scheduled appointment--I looked around at the people who were there today--no one I knew, but I watched a woman in a wheelchair, I was intrigued by her for some reason.  I could hear her and her partner talking about different things, but I was more interested in why both of her legs were amputated and one arm gone--I kept to myself, until her partner asked me if I would pass her a magazine.  I said "sure which one do you want?" we began a conversation, the three of us and I was able to ask about her medical issues.  She was in a horrible car accident, she was rushed to the hospital and when she woke up they were gone.  I asked her how that made her feel, and that it must of been hard to process.  Her answer was "at first I didn't know they were gone and I was just happy to be alive, but when I realized or was told about the loss of limbs I was very depressed, almost to the point of suicide" "understandably so" I said.  "How are you dealing with it now that it's been awhile and you have had to get out into the world and live again?"  She graciously said "I'm alive, that is a blessing in itself, but I had no idea how kind people could be, I normally just considered people to be judgemental and rude, and there are those who stare but for the most part people care"

I too, believe that inside every person is a caring heart.  It is a natural instinct for people to look at a person who is bald with cancer, especially a woman, or someone who has lost limbs, most of the time we just pass them by and forget to give them a smile or two.

MONYA WILLIAMS is announced over the loud speaker and off I went--saying good bye knowing I will probably not ever see this woman again, but wanting her to know she left an impression on my heart I will never forget--I started to leave then went back and told her what an impression she had made on me, and gave her my email address to keep in touch.  With tears in her eyes, she said thank you.

My ear still bleeding, but Doctor Barrs is in surgery and cannot see me, sent in his resident, the same one who saw me in the hospital and would not give me pain meds, the same one who over looked the huge softball size hematoma on my head--"Oh dear, now what?" was my thought.  Like always, went over my medication list, then started her vacuume sucking out of my ear.  My balance was off, for quite awhile--this is what she said to me "ummm, I can't see where the source of the bleeding is coming from, so I think you should see Dr. Barr's next week"  That is the extent of it for now--she stuck a cotton ball in my ear and off I went--"what a waste of my gas"  was my thought initially then I remembered the amputee I met....she is the reason I was supposed to come here today...I met a new friend and was able to spread some happiness, her with me and me with her.

This is my walk away from Mayo Clinic


Life at The Hadenfeldt's said...

Have you been back to get your ear checked out? You have been in my thoughts and prayers.