Sunday, December 16, 2012


I never thought the word Orange would have such a wonderful impact on me.  My
grandson, Recker, has autism, today is his 3rd birthday.    He is non verbal-yet I enjoy every second I have with him. There are times he takes me by the hand leads me into a room and expects me to know what he wants, sometimes I'm smart enough to figure out he wants a cookie or sucker (and of course I give it to him) shhh don't tell Kayla, other times I am clueless and feel helpless.

Kayla was able to enroll Recker in a preschool, he started a couple of weeks ago.  The 1st day was rough on mom and Recker, tears filled my eyes as she relived the moment she dropped him off, the fear and terror on his face must of been difficult for her to leave him.  Those couple of weeks have proven to be one of the most important decisions of her and Jeremy's life.  Recker now knows how to point to what he needs, he brought an orange to Kayla, she pointed to it and said the word "orange" then the most wonderful word I have ever heard out of a child's mouth came the the word "o r a n g e"  we shouted for joy and cried all at the same time--he did it, he finally said his first word and we got it on video.

Everyday is a great day with Recker, but this day was even more special.
Learning how to rip open a gift

John Deere Trucks from Aunt Kaitlyn and Uncle Brian
every boys dream
Dinner at Spinatos, Canoli for the Birthday Boy

And what's a Canoli without
Lightening McQueen?

Three years ago when Recker was born I never imagined what happiness this little guy could bring to my life, he makes me want to be a better wife, mother and friend.  He is most definitely my motivation in life to take another step forward.