Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This is what I learned over spring break with my daughter and her friends--I use this term a lot,  "you only live once"  in the content of "I'm about to eat a brownie, that I know I shouldn't, or buy a pair of shoes that I really don't need"  While on our trip to the condo in Mexico a couple of weeks ago, Haleigh asked me if I knew what YOLO meant and my response was "uh, no"  I soon learned a new  perspective...... the girls and I were completely entertained by how many people used the term YOLO

I have a feeling some of the college kids were using Y.O.L.O. as a term to make excuses for their drunken behavior during spring break in Mexico--I saw a girl you had YOLO tattooed on herself--   really? seriously? there are some things that even young adults should know, one being that although you may only live once--you are going to live and die with that ugly tattoo--


tamy scheurn said...

You are so funny but....I agree just say YOLO!!!
Love you principessa!!!