Saturday, March 31, 2012

Autism Speaks--Recker Love

Most everyone knows that my favorite little guy in the whole wide world was diagnosed with Autism last year.  Recker is the light of our life, he is surrounded with family who love him more than life.  My daughter Kayla has a blog, I would like all of you to check out, it keeps up with Recker and the experiences of raising a child with Autism.  Kayla is deeply involved with the Autism Speaks non-profit organization.  I am so impressed with her taking a step forward by studying, searching and increasing her knowledge about Autism by volunteering and attending meetings to learn more.  I think you will be surprised and strengthened by reading her blog.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This is what I learned over spring break with my daughter and her friends--I use this term a lot,  "you only live once"  in the content of "I'm about to eat a brownie, that I know I shouldn't, or buy a pair of shoes that I really don't need"  While on our trip to the condo in Mexico a couple of weeks ago, Haleigh asked me if I knew what YOLO meant and my response was "uh, no"  I soon learned a new  perspective...... the girls and I were completely entertained by how many people used the term YOLO

I have a feeling some of the college kids were using Y.O.L.O. as a term to make excuses for their drunken behavior during spring break in Mexico--I saw a girl you had YOLO tattooed on herself--   really? seriously? there are some things that even young adults should know, one being that although you may only live once--you are going to live and die with that ugly tattoo--

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I first want to say thank you so much to all who supported and helped with our fundraiser this year--we literally had more turn out then I had anticipated, it could not have been done without those family, friends and businesses who donated time, services and support--I Love You even more than I can express.

BINGO prizes

the lovely Vanna White being played by my sister Sonya
Tom Scheurn our official BINGO announcer

Kayla and Jeremy

Kaitlyn and Recker

Hales and Eric

food and BINGO

Sonya Tom Scheurn running the BINGO game

Alexa Emily Linds and Greg playing BINGO

Emily and Jenna

a few of our candy vase gifts

Me and Heather ♥

Me and Chloe

Corbin and Jenna

Hal wins "victoria secret"
We exceeded our goal in raising the money we wanted to for The American Cancer Society--we are blessed and my heart is full thank you, thank you