Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bridal/Groom Pics

Just thought I would post some of the pictures from the bridal/groom shoot--they're married--and Eric and I couldn't be happier, we love Chloe, and Blake is so happy.  They were married in the Mesa Arizona Temple.  Many generations of Williams have been married there, myself and Eric, his mom and dad, his grandparents, all of my children so far--well only one more to go and Haleigh told us she is going to elope--ha ha-- you could say it was a little stressful at our home the last few months.  I will post the pictures from the reception when I get them but for now enjoy....

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hello Sam--Goodbye Port

Today was an important day for me at the Mayo Clinic-- I met "Sam the Man" he took out my Port--yes, I got the ugly thing taken out of my chest.... no more 3rd boob sticking out of my chest.
I'm pretty sure Sam thinks I'm a little weird, I asked him to take pictures before during and after the procedure--I just wished I had gotten a picture of Sam--what the heck?  I always have that dang camera with me and take pictures of everyone and everything going on in my life--why didn't I get one of him?


during--disgusting--can you see the port?

the port--Sam asked if I wanted to keep it--
uhhhh that would be a big fat NO

after--notice all the stitches are on the inside--very cool
Now as I sit here on my bed in some pain, and after hearing Sam tell me I can't lift anything for 10 days, I wonder why I didn't wait until after Blakes wedding to get this out, I have so much to do.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

SUNDAY-fill my well

Lately, I've been feeling a little depressed and alone.  There has been some drama around here, which is expected when you are planning a wedding, dealing with a broken ankle, working, and volunteering.  I have gotten a little lost in those things and forgotten a few days of reading my scriptures, I do not like the feeling I get when I don't include those 30 minutes of study.  Today I needed my well to be filled, and it was, I was spiritually fed during church today. The most wonderful thing I love about the gospel of Jesus Christ is that he loves us unconditionally and knows we are not perfect, he knows me and knows of all my weaknesses, so each and every time I have to kneel and pray I am constantly saying I"m sorry for  this or that, please help me to improve in those areas--we all know that when we ask for those types of things the Lord will give us trials and chances to prove ourselves worthy.  I have so much to be grateful for in my life but forget sometimes to give myself a break, I cannot do it all and sometimes I will let people down, including my own children--I'm sorry for that, luckily I have tomorrow and the next to work on those imperfections and try to become more like our Savior.