Saturday, September 5, 2015

New Baby Coming

Today, as I entered the Mayo Clinic there was no piano playing.  I proceeded to the lab to get blood drawn and tests necessary.  My nest stop was to see Doctor Northfelt my oncologist.  I had an hour and a half wait.  I heard the piano playing and decided to sit and wait in the peaceful lobby.  I listened to the waterfall, occasionally I could hear doctors and patients interacting as they walked by. But today I was grateful I could really enjoy the music coming from the Piano.  This was much better than sitting on the 3rd floor and smelling the sickness of chemo in the air.  I put my head back and closed my eyes.  He started to play a medley of songs from The Sound of Music (my favorite movie of all time)  It was enchanting to listen to. I remembered when Eric and I visited Austria a few years ago after I finished my rounds of chemo and radiation.  As each song played I pictured that day we visited.  I am one blessed lady.  While there have been so many distractions in my life the past few years I have been blessed with so much.  Patience is a virtue I never thought I could conquer, but in the case of my health I have learned it is invaluable.  I have been blessed with incredible doctors all from Mayo Clinic, and Doctor Haberkamp from Cleveland Clinic.

Last Sunday Blake and Chloe announced they are expecting their first baby in February. The door bell rang, I answered and outside was a set of 3 balloons with a note that said to read to the Family. I was then asked to pop the balloon that reads #1 on it, so I did. Inside was an ultrasound picture.  I quickly, wanted to read note #2 it read that someone in the family would be bringing grandchild #4 to join us in February.  I thought for sure it was Kaitlyn and Brian.  Scott and Haleigh, Blake and Chloe have all been very verbal about waiting to have children.  The 3rd balloon was supposed to be popped by Eric, but I just couldn't wait.  Oh, and I forgot to mention I was popping these balloons with a butcher knife.  I quickly popped #3 to find out who it was.........Blake and Chloe......... Chloe said "Monya look at the color of the confetti inside the balloon....." it was PINK.  This will be our first grand daughter.  I of course went bizzurk running around crying, happy, hugging them all the while with the butcher knife in my hand.....I'm pretty sure it was an ugly sight and I might have said a curse word.......Eric and I are so happy.  Blake has been such a great brother to his sisters, and compassionate and loving to me and to Chloe he will be an incredible dad.  Chloe is so great with all the nephews and really loves them, I know she is going to be a wonderful mother.  I keep thinking about her mom who passed away with cancer during the time I was going through chemo.  She is with our little grand daughter now, sharing with her all the love she has and passing on a legacy for Chloe to follow.