Thursday, November 10, 2016

Love The Ordinary

     Sometimes it's good to sit back and enjoy an ordinary, normal day.  It is a treasure to be completely aware of who you are and where you are going.  I love to learn from other people, I'd love to learn from you!

“Anyone can love a rose, but it takes a lot to love a leaf.  It’s ordinary to love the beautiful, but it’s beautiful to love the ordinary.”  --Unknown Source

As I stumble through my life, I've come to realize how many things I have taken for granted.  Mostly  the 'typical' everyday stuff we all seem to skip over.  The ordinary is often overlooked for the beautiful.  There is so much to love and appreciate about the routine day to day affairs of our lives.  
a view from the road
Recently I was driving towards Mayo Clinic for an appointment-I take the beeline highway which I have usually viewed as not very scenic; but on this day I noticed everyday beauty.  I had seen these a thousand times on that drive, but on that day they were beautiful.  I wondered why I had never taken the time to notice the cactus, or the artistry of the desert.

My personal philosophy leads me to believe our Heavenly Father, who created all things loves ordinary people as much as he loves what the world deems as 'beautiful' people. My personal beliefs also affirm that there is goodness in all of God's creations, not just the things that are easy on the eyes. I'm convinced that the ordinary-both people and nature-deserve much more of our attention.

I am more spiritually in tune and mature than I was seven years ago--now when I recognize beauty I'm able to see with a different lens-viewing 'ordinary' things through the eyes of God is a beautiful sight indeed.  Wouldn't it be nice if we all could see the world through the looking glass in this manner? How lovely it would be.


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Presidential Election 2016

I don't necessarily love our President!!

In what has been deemed as the most controversial Presidential Election in all of history, I have to admit I am not proud of how this election has been presented to not only the American people but the entire world; who seems to be laughing at us right now.

If ever there was a time in history we need love, acceptance and inclusion it is now.  Neither candidate seems to be on the same page with me on this issue.  I'm afraid our country is headed into the worst future it has ever seen.  Neither candidate is fit to be working as the President of the United States of America.  I remember when I was eighteen voting for the very first time.  I was proud of President Reagan and what he represented.  We all loved and admired him as a nation-whether you were democrat or republican, we worked together to a make America a Great Nation to live in.

The confusion and deception is inconceivable, the mainstream media has seized from fairly presenting facts.  They are now a political driven media, controlled by the candidates and who will offer them the best monetary compensation for reporting what the candidate tells them to report-simply put they are controlled by political parties and instead of reporting the truths. Never in my lifetime have I been weary of the future of America-nor have I ever felt like I was forced to vote for a candidate just because one is less evil than the other.

Today Frenchie and I went to the polls like we always do but instead of being proud to be an American with the right to vote it felt as if we were marching to the beat of a different drum. Tomorrow we will wake up and have to be faced with a new President of the United States-Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton-who will win?  I don't know the answer to that quite yet, but I do know no matter who wins-American's lose either way.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Love Your Mistakes

You Will Do Foolish Things, But Do Them With Enthusiasm --anonymous 

Right now I am here, where I am supposed to be !  Boy have perspectives in my life and the way I see other's changed.  Living with permanent facial paralysis has given me opportunities to live the life I was meant to live.  I don't look back EVER ! My eye's are looking forward with great enthusiasm.

One day last week I lowered my standards and chose to react to a situation.  I allowed another person's ignorant choice 'get to me' I haven't felt anger like that in a long time, it didn't feel good and it goes against everything I have worked so hard to change.  Although I realize anger is a natural emotion that most of us have experienced, I felt shame and embarrassment for my reaction.  Why? Because it is my choice to let anger engulf my thoughts and feelings, I could have handled this situation so differently-shameful? Within the moments after yes--Now? Not necessarily, a learning experience? Absolutely !

I have no control over another person's choices but I do have over my own.  Sincere love comes from an inner freedom. One which you are not controlled by the thoughts and negative feelings of other's. Love leads to allowing your mind to be free of the world's view on healthy relationships. I've learned through the journey of loving myself, love is kind-it's living free from the neurotic tangled up messes in our head of what the world defines love as.  I have had to let go of my vulnerability and not allow the negative influences of other people penetrate me to the point I lose control of that freedom.

I learned from this situation I can offer my compassion and good-will for this person without agreeing with their decision. If I had stopped, taken time to think perhaps this person is having a bad day, or that they simply see things different than I do I could have avoided that useless anger I felt. Perhaps this would have made a difference in their life and I know for sure it would have in my own life. 

My love would have still been sincere and their point of view still validated but without the bitterness I felt. One thing I have learned is that what others do with the love I have to offer is on them, not me. All I could have done differently was to make that simple offering. I can love even as I disengage from tacky entanglements, wishing people well even if I need to step back from them. 

Sunday, November 6, 2016



"For You, Whose Day It Is, Get Out Your Rainbow Colors and Make It Beautiful" --Nootka Song

Finding joy in possibility is magical.  Living in a world as a child where possibilities were stripped from me I now see endless possibility for my life as an adult.  Never in a million years would I have dreamed of actually writing a book about my life--but I did it!!  

So many times people see the gloom in life because that is what they have been taught.  I hope I have overcome seeing life through those lens's.  I want my grandchildren to see their life with endless possibility. They need to be taught they can achieve anything they put their mind to, they can dream the impossible and make it possible. I hope they embrace every opportunity and challenge in life with zest and live in the moment.

My oldest grandson Recker was diagnosed with autism when he was just a very young toddler, he is now almost seven year's old; and still is non-verbal.  I wish I could see life through his eyes. We, as a family know he understands so much of what is going on around him; but communicating is difficult.
Just last week my daughter Kayla, his mother received this from his teacher.  Four out of five.

He understands more than I realized

Cubs Make History

On November 2nd 2016 the Chicago Cubs made history.  106 year's have come and gone since the Cubbie's won a World Series.

Frenchie and I were on the edge of our seats watching the 7th game of the World Series. I told him I wonder how many people actually had a heart attack tonight--sounds crazy? Not really if you watched this history unfold before your eyes you know exactly what I am talking about.  Sports announcers, and social media made this fact very clear several times proclaiming if you have a heart condition you should use caution watching the game.

Going into overtime we watched as fans from both Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians were biting their nails, sitting on the edge of their seats, covering their eyes and some watching with blinders on as they tuned out all worries of the world to see the ending of the great Bambino Curse.  A win for either side was going to make history Cleveland Indians have not had a win for over 60 years. Frenchie and I would have been happy for either team, but watching grown men cry, and embrace each other was touching and gave hope for people to NEVER GIVE UP.

As with all games, there has to be a winner and a loser.  I knew with thousands of people watching half would leave very happy and half would leave very sad-but all would leave completely exhausted as they cheered on their team.  Knowing Dr. Kreymerman is from Cleveland I began texting him-needless to say he went to bed disappointed.  I was very impressed with the classy response from the Cleveland Indians manager Terry Francona-who has never lost a World Series Game -- he gave a very compelling speech in congratulating the winning Cubs team.

Days after the game ended Chicago Cubs fans across the nation are celebrating I imagine they will be honoring this win for years to come.  Frenchie and I attend the spring training games every year here in Arizona-with that being said....Arizona for the most part are all Cubbies fans.  They maintained a 'never give up' demeanor throughout the entire season and it paid off--Congratulations are an understatement-they deserved to feel proud and grateful for this historical win.

The Winning Game Was Played In Cleveland-
But Wrigley Field In Chicago Was Full of Cubs Fans

Captivating Moments

Final Score


Saturday, November 5, 2016

What is your life for?

Abraham Lincoln inspirationally asked the question:

"What is your life for?"
and answered his own question with this answer:
"It is for you."

I ask "Do you love your life?"

A few months ago I bought front row seats for Hilary Weeks concert, two weeks ago was the concert. I had no idea her Song Love Your Life would be her theme.  I love Hilary! She is a woman after my own heart trying to make a difference in the world with a positive, happy attitude.

Hilary's set was absolutely inspiring
We only have one life to live and I personally want to love my way through mine.  There is so much negative influence in the media, you don't need to search for it.  I believe feeding your mind with constant adverse information is not only damaging to your soul it effects your life.

You don't need to be a monetarily rich person to make a significant contribution in live.  So many people worry they need to have an amazingly great idea, be famous or powerful to make a difference. This is simply not true.  I've seen small children make purposeful decisions that connect them with other's.  If we could all see the world through the eyes of a child we'd see some amazing things.

Sadly many people go through life believing if they were to die no-one would miss them.  They truly think it would have been best if they had not been born-this saddens me and makes my heart hurt. I wish so badly for everyone in this world to know their life matters, they are important and they alone can make a difference.  How?  By the small acts of kindness they offer other's daily.  A smile say's I care and does not cost anything. We each have a chance to write our own story, it does not matter what adversity or trial you have had, make a choice everyday to be happy wake up with the attitude of joy and good-will.

Intentionally make a difference in the lives of other people and yourself by making a difference with whatever you have, wherever you are.  This does not require being in a position of power, it just requires you to be you. Love your life and I promise it will rub off on the people surrounding you.  

My life is half over and that is if I intend on living until I am 106...maybe I will!! Truthfully I have spent the first half of my life selfishly worrying more about my own problems.  It literally took a life altering experience to change my story, I now understand the only person who can write and finish my story is me...I am the author of my life and I cheerfully realize there is no limit to the transformations I can and will make. 

Using my own life to positively impact and help change the lives of other's is exciting.  How powerful is it to have complete control over your own thoughts and feelings? Once you understand and internalize this type of thinking there is no limits to the change you can make in the world. If you have a heart and you see a need to make revision in the world you are on to something good; go with those feelings. Make a difference. Act on your instincts. The passion you have will give you leverage you need to make a significant change not only in someone else but in your own life.