Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dr. Sal Lettieri Eye Surgery

Tomorrow morning I will enter Mayo Clinic Hospital for my 26th surgery.  I'm having a lot of anxiety with this  upcoming operation.  I forced it so far into the back of my head knowing we were going on a family vacation, suddenly on the plane ride home  it hit me.  I'm not quite sure if it's because I realize what recovery is going to be like or if I am just so done with all of this silly nonsense--it's like groundhog day, over and over again.

I cannot wear my cochlear device it is excruciatingly painful ringing in my head and gives me terrible migraines and dizziness.  However, I've lost most of my hearing in the left ear (the good one) I can't hear my alarm go off in the morning (usually I can hear that thing ring throughout the walls of my home) I can't hear music, people talking, everyday things I have taken for granted.  Although, it is annoying I will have to wait until after this surgery tomorrow with Dr Lettieri hopefully he will be taking the gold weight out of my eye lid placed in at the Cleveland Clinic (wrong size) and being upgraded to Platinum--I like to consider it an upgrade--GOLD to PLATINUM--and I think I will save the Gold Weight--let's just see what Dr. Lettieri thinks about that......I paid for it, why not take it home?  That's the easy part, the more in depth portion of the eye surgery is basically to fix the chronic dry eye--I actually didn't want to know the details about how that is done, Dr. Lettieri likes me to be informed of procedures--I frankly don't care or understand all that doctor jargon, so I told him "I trust you, just do it"  I love and do trust him, I'm in good hands tomorrow.  Heather will be scrubbing in too....bonus for me I love that girl.

Time to get to bed now I have 5 hours before it's time to check in.