Monday, September 28, 2009

Becareful what you wish for...

Those of you who know me well, know that I can be quite a jokester. Growing up I never had any boobs, and I don't remember really wishing that I had them either, I think I was good with what I was given. Then after I had children..vavoom out came the sisters in full bloom, and I did not like it at all. I have often been asked if I had implants, or "what Dr. did your boob job" I am always taken back when I hear someone say that because just for the record I DO NOT HAVE IMPLANTS...and I myself have said many times I wish I could get my boobs cut off. Of course my husband was always in opposition of that idea, and we knew it was a joke, but now as I am being faced with what used to be a joke...becoming a reality, I'm scared. In just a few hours most of my femininity will be taken from me, forever, never to return, the other part of it will be taken from me in another surgery a few months from now. My bishop and husband gave me a beautiful blessing tonight and I appreciated every word of it. But the bottom line is that my breasts are being removed tomorrow, not by my choice, but the VILLAIN has decided it for me. I trust the Doctor will be skillful that she knows what she is doing, that is not the problem the problem is me, how do I fix this feeling I have inside of me that a part of my womanhood is being taken from me? How will my husband look at me after? Can I even let him look at me? How long will it take for me to look at me? I try not be a vain woman, but I admit I want to look pretty to my husband. It's hard for me to go to bed tonight, I know when I wake up its time to go to the MAYO Hospital and face my VILLAIN. I'm not ready yet, I still have some housework to do and still have some wedding plans to get done. Last night I had a very bad panic attack at my sisters house, the reality of all of this is becoming hard for me to handle. Tonight I read the 1st letter from my Son Blake, he is in the MTC preparing to serve in the Dominican Republic. He is studying so hard to learn the language, he only got 2 hours sleep one night because he wanted to study. He sent me the most beautiful letter and testimony in Spanish, as I read his words it calms me and makes feel better about what I am going to do tomorrow, he has so much faith and on these days when I am feeling like my well needs to be filled, the people in my ward fill it up with words of encouragement and gifts of Love, Blake's faith will fill the gaps where I need it, and I know for a fact the Lord will pick my up and carry me when I cannot do it myself. I pray tonight that the Lord will strengthen me tomorrow as I face this sudden and awful journey I am starting, I have always told my kids that it's not the start of the race that is important, it's the finish that is most important.
And I plan on finishing this race in first place.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Time to Cut the Strings..Off to the MTC

Every LDS mother who has a son, will have this to look forward to, or has already felt what I am about to journal about. From the time our son's are born we hold them in our arms and dream of the day when they will serve a mission for the Lord. Well I did anyway, we teach them all about the Book of Mormon by reading from it regularly, we take them to church every Sunday and teach them to be reverent, the 1st time they give a talk in Primary we watch intently hoping they will not cry or laugh in the microphone, so proud was I when Blake became a deacon at age 12, I worried that he would never physically grow (he was the shortest deacon for years)
And when he received his Eagle Scout award his dad and I were there to support him. When Blake turned 16 I was the one to take him for his drivers license, and the 1st date we watched as he left the house and worried that he would make good choices, be respectful and get home on time.
Still all the time we had family prayer together and tried hard to always have our scripture study. There were a few years that we did not think we were asking the right questions or listening enough when we prayed, for us the age of 19 came and went for Blake. The day he told us that he was not sure he wanted to serve a mission, just about broke my heart. I prayed and asked why? When those answers did not come, I prayed that HE would understand why? Two years have passed since that day when he told us that he did not want to go on a mission, and since that time Eric and I have had many tears fall from our eyes, many times I have sat at the Temple pleading with the Lord to soften his heart, and to help me to know how to help my son. The Lord truly does listen and answer prayers, I have taken for granted the GIFT that is given to us after baptism, THE GIFT OF THE HOLY GHOST. It is a powerful GIFT that sometimes I did not listen to, that sometimes I still don't always listen to, I'm learning, just as my Son is learning. Yesterday, I dropped him off (curbside) at the MTC in Provo. I had promised him I would not cry, and I did so well, until......he walked away, I saw my little boy walk into the MTC just like I had dreamed all those years ago, however this dream I finally realized had to be HIS not mine. I cried all the way back to Salt Lake City, sobbing, not really for any other reason but that I had seen a miracle happen in his life, I felt the Holy Ghost and knew it was touching him also. I told him the night he was set apart as a full time Missionary that the Lord will take much better care of him the next 2 years than I ever could. son leaves for his mission at age 21 still my little boy, but will come home a man, with more faith than he ever thought he could have.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Can I Endure it Well?

It's so weird how life goes on around me, people can be talking to me and I don't hear a word they say sometimes. I look in the eyes of woman as they pass me in crowded places like Walmart or the Mall, and I wonder how many of these women have the VILLAIN growing in them. Random thoughts like this one go through my head and I have to stop myself and think about all the people who are going through other trials in their lives that are so much worse than mine. Today I was thinking about other trials I have had to endure in my life, what did I learn from them? Is this new trial because I did not learn something? or is it a new chapter in my life, a new learning experience meant to expand my mind and widen my strength in the Lord? I do know that trying to comprehend why trials are put in our path, is like trying to fully understand the undying, unconditional Love our Heavenly Father has for each one of his children. I have tried many times to understand that Love, the only thing that comes close is knowing the Love that I have for my own children, I would do anything for their happiness to be never ending. However, in life we are all given bumps along the way that take us in paths that make us question what we really do KNOW. A quote by Elder Neal Maxwell "Rather than simply passing through trials, we must allow trials to pass through us in ways that sanctify us." I read this and have been trying to comprehend the meaning of it for days now. It's simply put, yet it has such depth and my little brain takes awhile to absorb it, and process it all.
How can I be sanctified as I allow this trial to pass through me? When will the cleansing come? I know how I react to trials, when I have gone through other trials I tend to leave people out, shut down, my brain can only hold what I need to process, not what anyone else thinks I need to know. I don't want to be that person, I want to endure this trial well, with dignity and strength. I find myself not always listening to the promptings of the spirit, because I am afraid of the path it is going to take me down. I am trying so hard to listen and learn, but fall short so many times in my efforts. I am learning that the Love that Jesus has for each one of his children is astonishing. I am learning more of his meekness and lowliness, as I read about the suffering he went through, being spit on, given vinegar to drink, persecuted and made fun of, I have come to the conclusion that it is selfish for us to think that we could go through this life without any trials or pain and then expect to stand before him and live with him forever without going through similar experiences.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

God Loves Broken Things

My heart is full, today was Blakes farewell. I wondered as I listened to him speak about the restoration if he really understands the impact that he can have on others lives as he serves the Lord with all his heart. The Testimony of Joseph Smith will be one of the 1st conversions each missionary receives, for without believing in Joseph Smith and the work he did a person cannot go forward with any other beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He truly was a servant of the Lord and I have testimony of the work he did and Praise him as the man who restored the Church, his prayers were answered and they changed the world, he was faithful to the end, he sealed his testimony with his life. Now because of that blessed mighty servant the gospel is spread throughtout the world, He was a Prophet and Seer, this I know is true. Joseph Smith served the Lord until his last breath.
I wonder if any of us knew how much time we had left to serve the Lord what would we do? Do we live it all with no regrets? I think for those who are dedicated to the Lord and want to live with him again someday that we love until our final breath, we do our best to share and serve others with all our hearts. We constantly find ways to make today better than yesterday. Even when there is so much pain that seems to last, but I feel like if I can give it to the Lord and not Look back, will I have learned something from it. What will the Lord say when my time has come, will he take me in his arms and say "well done?" for every missionary who serves faithfully for 2 years with no regrets I believe he will take them in his arms and say "well done though good and faithfull servant, you have served me well"
I have seen miracles happen in my family, with broken hearts set free, I believe, at least in my family that God loves broken things. Today as I watch my son and know the walls he has climbed and the sacrifices he has made to be worthy to stand and bare testimony, I thank you Heavenly Father for hearing my prayers, for answering Blakes prayers when he begged and pleaded for help. Yes I believe in miracles and I certainly believe God loves broken things.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Surgery on the Calender

I had a wonderful time in Pinetop with the Brown Family. Mysti is such a great friend and I love her dearly, we have truly been through some memorable times with our children. Her son Wyley has been Blakes awesome friend for years, I love Wyley and know that he will someday be a terrific daddy, Wyley is sweet and kind to his sisters and cousins, just like his own dad, they like to come across tough and mean but actually would do anything for anyone at any given time, both have a spirit of compassion for other people. Taylor is beautiful inside and out, she has a strong testimony and will never compromise herself or settle for anything less than a Temple Marriage to a man who can not only take her to the Temple but who will take her to the Celestial Kingdom. Madison, like any other girl her age is trying to find her way in this crazy world. She too is extremely beautiful and through experiences in her own life will never settle for anyone but the best for her eternal companion. I love Maddy for who she is. Bryton, what can I say about B? Her smile lights up the room, her funny, honest whit makes you say "UM....she is right" you can't get anything past her, she has been asking me to rub her inner arm to put her to sleep for years and until just recently I found out why, I asked Eric to do that for me one night and it put me to sleep, love you B. Ivy, the baby of the family, although not so little any more she innocent and beautiful the type of innocence you want to bottle up and keep forever. I love them all, they are a fantastic family trying so hard like the rest of us to be an eternal family. The weather at the cabin was beautiful, I tried so hard not to think about the VILLAIN..but I admit once in awhile I did. Sunday when we went to church, I was overwhelmed by the Spirit during the opening song, I feel my Saviors Love so close to me that sometimes it just bubbles up in my eyes. I had no intention of bearing testimony especially since this is not my home ward and I hate to take time from other people. It felt comfortable to me though, and I knew I was supposed to be there, at that moment doing what I was supposed to do, bear testimony. I love that I can process everything I am feeling hear on this blog and to some of you it may not make a bit of sense, but to me I know someday I will look back read it and it will all make sense.
The surgery is Scheduled for September 29th, 7:30 am check in. I have been trying to keep that day out of my mind, I am scared, but no time for that this week. This week I will have all my children home, whoop hoo, Blake's farewell is on Sunday, I am so excited to hear him speak, (I wonder if he is prepared) OK that's the mom coming out in me. I am also working hard on getting the wedding plans done before my surgery. All I have left is this:
1. rent a dance floor
2. find someone to do the announcement cards
3. get the fabric for the table clothes
4. cant think of it right now but I'm sure there is more than 3 things left on my list.