Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fruits of our Labor

It's been 3 years since I planted a fig tree in my backyard, it was May of 2009.  In July of 2009, just a few months later I was diagnosed with breast cancer, since then I have not really paid much attention to the fig tree except to check on it every once in awhile to see if it was still alive.  Last night we were in the backyard swimming with the kids and I decided to go check on it, whoa--guess what ?  I HAVE FIGS--not just one or two but hundreds--and big purple ones too--YAY--
Time sure fly's, the day I planted that fig tree I remember thinking back about being a child and playing every summer under my great grandmothers fig tree for hours, under her tree is when I began to love figs--I'd  eat them one after another, I've always wanted a fig tree now I have one.  Well I always wanted artichokes in my garden too, after waiting  4 years for those to come to fruition the landscaper chopped them down thinking they were a weed--how dare him--I was furious, and not patient enough to start over again.
 Now as I think about  the fig tree, it is some what symbolic of my life --  I'm sure my great grandmother had no idea, so many years later, me, the toe headed blonde child named bonbon would also have a love for growing fruits.  I am somewhat the fruit of her labor.  Looking at my children I wonder if they realize how much I love them and appreciate being a mother.  In life, just like the Artichoke, we have wants and needs but sometimes just as we are beginning to succeed someone or something comes along and chops it down and we are faced with starting over, maybe even leaving us feeling defeated to the point of not wanting to try or fight again.
I'm so happy about my fig tree, and I know to most it would be unusual to have feelings like this for a fig tree (I almost laugh reading that last part) it represents more to me than just finally achieving growth of something I planted.  It represents , HOPE for a future that at one point seemed dreary and lonely. My great grandmother planted within me a seed to respect the living and help it to grow by nurturing it and taking care of it. I've planted seeds within my children that hopefully will grow into respectful, loving, patient and caring parents one day.  There are certainly no guarantees in this life, all we know for certainty is that we were born and we will all die--those 2 things are facts--it's all the stuff in between being born and dying that is so hard, how we respond to those trials can truly give us the ability to either see the fruits of our labors or let the weeds destroy what we've worked so hard for.
I'm convinced that the Lord puts "Artichokes" in our lives to teach us to become stronger, to live life to the fullest and be grateful for all we have.  This tree represents not giving up, having HOPE for a better future, fighting for life and learning something from that fight.

some green ones


these will be ready tomorrow

The best fruit is Recker fruit

Saturday, June 23, 2012

More Wedding Pics


my beautiful baby girl Haleigh

Pie on a Stick

Cherry, Apple or Peach

The Tree

I worked hard striping those pieces of cloth
to go around the dessert table

The Sugar Shack

Homemade Rootbeer

The entrance my son in laws made

the  open barn with dance floor--also my son in laws made

it was beautiful after the sun when down

and it was all lit up

1st dance

daddy daughter dance

mother son dance

Blake teaching me some moves

Haleigh B--ummm I'm guessing she was at the
sugar shack just before this picture was taken????

bouquet toss

OH PLEASE--not my baby girl who caught it??

not funny Chloe

taking off the garter

a sparkly send off

Williams Family

Dana Family