Saturday, November 5, 2016

What is your life for?

Abraham Lincoln inspirationally asked the question:

"What is your life for?"
and answered his own question with this answer:
"It is for you."

I ask "Do you love your life?"

A few months ago I bought front row seats for Hilary Weeks concert, two weeks ago was the concert. I had no idea her Song Love Your Life would be her theme.  I love Hilary! She is a woman after my own heart trying to make a difference in the world with a positive, happy attitude.

Hilary's set was absolutely inspiring
We only have one life to live and I personally want to love my way through mine.  There is so much negative influence in the media, you don't need to search for it.  I believe feeding your mind with constant adverse information is not only damaging to your soul it effects your life.

You don't need to be a monetarily rich person to make a significant contribution in live.  So many people worry they need to have an amazingly great idea, be famous or powerful to make a difference. This is simply not true.  I've seen small children make purposeful decisions that connect them with other's.  If we could all see the world through the eyes of a child we'd see some amazing things.

Sadly many people go through life believing if they were to die no-one would miss them.  They truly think it would have been best if they had not been born-this saddens me and makes my heart hurt. I wish so badly for everyone in this world to know their life matters, they are important and they alone can make a difference.  How?  By the small acts of kindness they offer other's daily.  A smile say's I care and does not cost anything. We each have a chance to write our own story, it does not matter what adversity or trial you have had, make a choice everyday to be happy wake up with the attitude of joy and good-will.

Intentionally make a difference in the lives of other people and yourself by making a difference with whatever you have, wherever you are.  This does not require being in a position of power, it just requires you to be you. Love your life and I promise it will rub off on the people surrounding you.  

My life is half over and that is if I intend on living until I am 106...maybe I will!! Truthfully I have spent the first half of my life selfishly worrying more about my own problems.  It literally took a life altering experience to change my story, I now understand the only person who can write and finish my story is me...I am the author of my life and I cheerfully realize there is no limit to the transformations I can and will make. 

Using my own life to positively impact and help change the lives of other's is exciting.  How powerful is it to have complete control over your own thoughts and feelings? Once you understand and internalize this type of thinking there is no limits to the change you can make in the world. If you have a heart and you see a need to make revision in the world you are on to something good; go with those feelings. Make a difference. Act on your instincts. The passion you have will give you leverage you need to make a significant change not only in someone else but in your own life.