Monday, October 10, 2016

Disneyland 2016

I had a wonderful time sharing Disneyland with Kaitlyn-Brian-Phoenix--Blake-Chloe-Wesley--and Haleigh and Scott--

My legs were so heavy and in pain most of the time, but it was well worth the memories we made. I only wish Kayla-Jeremy-Recker-Ezra and Theo could have been there with us.

Haleigh and Phoenix mesmerized by the parade

During the parade

Phoenix loves Woody

I love my family

Kaitlyn Brian and of course Phoenix


Blake and Chloe are the perfect match--ask Wesley

I love this ride--it gives so much HOPE for our world

I couldn't believe I caught this picture with
no one walking through.

My girls-Kaitlyn-Chloe and Haleigh

Blake and Brian-the competition is on
to see who could spin the fastest.

I love Mickey

Phoenix and Wesley loved the parade

Wesley- the princess among our prince's

Brian and Phoenix--

I loved this, the maintenance man made this with
the leaves that had fallen from the trees.

Phoenix and Mommy watching the light show